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If you take the time to consider just how much technology had changed our lives for the better, it makes you realise you were born at the right time. We have embraced digital technology and everything is becoming smaller, faster, and more powerful, and one of the many fields that has benefitted from this is climate control. If you are old enough to remember the days of the open fire, it highlights the vast improvements that the typical British homeowner now enjoys, and when central heating arrived, it took home comfort to another level, and it didn’t stop there, with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that offer the homeowner a total climate control solution.

HVAC – How Does it Work?

The principle of HVAC is heat transfer, and whether your goal is to cool the interior in the summer or provide essential heat in the winter, a single system handles both. Room air distribution is taken into account when designing a system, and this requires adequate ventilation, which is the key to superior air quality, something as important as the temperature. Any modern ac installation would incorporate heat exchangers, and typically would be an air based system that uses ducting to distribute the conditioned air.

Natural Ventilation

This refers to ventilating an indoor area without the use of mechanical or electrical devices, and can be achieved by incorporating openable windows, louvres or vents, which would be located at precise points to optimise room air distribution.  Without adequate ventilation, the air will become stale, which encourages odours, and can also harbour bacteria and germs, whereas, if the home is properly ventilated, you have a constant airflow that brings with it a freshness and this does not affect the overall temperature, which can be finely adjusted at any time.

Online Suppliers

If you are considering having a state of the art HVAC system in your home, there are online companies that specialise in designing and building bespoke HVAC systems, and with an online search, it wouldn’t be difficult to locate an established contractor in your area. Once you have made contact, the supplier would be happy to send an expert to view the property, and he can then make some suggestions. This type of company would have all the resources to carry out every stage of the build, and with their expertise, the finished design and installation will provide you with total climate control.

Energy Efficient

We are constantly reminded of the need to be more energy conscious, and this can be applied in many areas of our daily life. Energy efficient climate control is achievable with bespoke HVAC systems, and with a reduction of energy use, you will also save money. If your previous set up was a dual affair that used central heating and a separate a/c system, then the amount of energy saved will be very significant.

Modern climate control solutions can be found with a single company, and with bespoke designs, you can be sure of cost-effective solutions that keep your energy bills to a minimum.

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