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Whilst you may like birds such as gulls or pigeons, they are not as likeable if they are drawn to your own “nest.” These birds, which have become increasingly annoying, often inhabit chimney pots or empty buildings. They can also fly close to the eaves of homes and damage stonework. Indeed, a mess can result when the birds preen, feed, or nest close by. In addition herring gulls often act aggressively around pets and people.

If you have these sorts of problems with birds, you need to contact a pest control service to take care of the issue. Contact a company that offers a number of bird-proofing options. Some of the bird-proofing assists include anti-perching systems, netting, hawking, trapping, and culling.

Getting Rid of the Messes Created by Gulls and Pigeons

You can also obtain help with clearing away the messes left by birds. For example, pest control services in Essex can assist you with repeated episodes of fouling by supplying such innovative technologies as deep cleaning and heat treatment services.

Problems that are regularly associated with gulls and pigeons include repeated fouling on pavement surfaces, vehicles, and roofing materials. Herring gulls have been known to kill small birds and sometimes small pets. In addition, herring gulls like to raid bins.

Pigeons Carry a Number of Diseases

Feral pigeons, on the other hand, are known to carry disease. They often are transporters of such diseases as chlamydiosis, salmonellosis, erysipelas, and histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a lung infection that originates by breathing in the spores of histoplasmacapsulatum fungi. The spores are found in the droppings of pigeons as well as the soil.

Histoplasmosis symptoms may include fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, respiratory discomfort, and a dry cough. Sometimes, joint pain or a rash may appear. In addition, chronic forms of the condition can produce weight loss and a cough that brings up blood. In chronic cases, the symptoms often replicate tuberculosis symptoms.

Take Care of a Bird Problem Immediately

Therefore, a problem with birds needs to be addressed immediately as you can experience a number of problems, not only with the looks of your property but physically and psychologically. That is why you need to find a solution through a pest control specialist.

For example, when anti-perching devices are used, they are designed to safeguard a home’s architectural features, including the stonework. These types of repellers cannot be easily seen when viewed from distances of at least seven metres. As a result, they are not easily spotted yet still keep birds from inhabiting the outside of a property.

The idea of an anti-perching device is to make a landing bird feel unsteady and therefore unsafe. When the bird’s feet lands on the coil, the bird does not feel stable, which aborts its attempt to land. Anti-perching systems may be installed on the underside of bridges, on I-beams, or along the parapets of period structures. They can even be added to shop signage. Pest control professionals also install the bird-proofing system on the apexes of roofs or the tops of walls.

As you can see, you can keep birds from taking over your property. Contact a bird-proofing specialist today to review all of your options.

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