Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Plumbing problems, who needs them? Surely the answer brings forth a silence as dripping taps, leaking pipes and blocked toilets, showers, sinks and washbasins are certainly what most people worldwide associate with plumbing problems, and while you are reading these very words, there’s numbers of people across the world with plumbing problems and their money is slowly leaking away.

Trying to get it Fixed

  • It’s in your best interests to get it sorted out as soon as possible due to there always being a possibility of any problem actually getting even worse and, should an emergency service be necessary at a very late hour, it will be costly at 3am to get the problem repaired.
  • Calling in 3 Flow Drainage, who can provide professional leak and drainage services is certainly a great idea for solving any type of problem repaired. They can also check your drainage system before something eventually does happen and thus prevent major hassles later. Being prepared equals forward thinking!

It Can Slowly Mount Up

  • If a dripping tap is left dripping for too long, the water will eventually start to run more out of the tap, and this is not only bad news, a waste of water and eco-unfriendly, but, if it’s a hot water leak, it will eventually be a lot more costly to heat that water that’s being wasted. If the problem is taken in hand and repaired out straightaway, it should actually be an easy job and put your mind at rest.
  • In many cases it is normally the replacing of a damaged out washer with a new one, because of the washer wearing out. Water has somehow managed to work its way through the worn edges and then slowly the drips begin to increase.
  • If the problem is a perished washer, you will have to know exactly what type of replacement washer to purchase. Because of the wide range of various kinds of washers, the only certain way to replace the right one is to remove the tap and take it with you to a hardware supply store and locate the right one.

Other Mishaps and Occurrences

  • Another frequent problem is leaking from the base of a tap. If this occurs, the tap’s metal nuts or rubber O-ring will maybe need replacing or as mostly happens, the whole tap unit itself.
  • And how could we finish here without a mention of blocked toilets, after all, what can we do without a toilet?! The neighbours will soon tire of us knocking on their door to use their WC!
  • A plunger may just do it if you’re in luck, but if you’re not lucky, an overflowing toilet can and will make an unforgettable and horrible mess. If plunging doesn’t work and releases the blockage, it’s time to contact the professional and get it all expertly looked at.

It’s not difficult and makes good common sense to ensure that all the drainage and plumbing in your home is in the very best of shape and working just fine.

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