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The windows of a house need to be supported by a strong frame. There are several different materials to choose from, and each material has a distinct set of advantages. Many people choose to have wooden window frames installed in their houses, instead of a plastic one.

Why is a wooden window frame preferable to a plastic window frame?

They Are More Aesthetically Pleasing Than Standard Plastic Window Frames

The first thing that you need to think about when you are buying some window frames is functionality. However, you will also want a wooden window frame in Willenhall to be consummately stylish. There will be a wide range of choice and you will be able to select a style which is going to please you and will also suit the theme of the house. You will not want to put antique wooden frames on a new-build house because this could look out of place.

Your new wooden frames will also help to attract people who are passing by the house. If you have the same kind of plastic window frames as other houses, potential buyers might walk by without giving your house a second look. You might find that plastic window frames do not look as exciting.

They Do Not Show Damage As Easily As Plastic Window Frames

Wooden window frames are treated with special chemicals which are designed to make the wood extremely robust. This also means that scratches and stains will not show up on the wood. This will keep the wooden frames in excellent condition for many years to come. You will be able to inspect your wooden frames on a regular basis to see that they are completely damage-free.

In contrast, plastic frames can become cracked and scuffed, especially if people kick footballs against the windows when they are playing outside in the garden.

They Are Much Quieter To Close At Night Than Plastic Window Frames

When people are trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep, the last thing that they want to deal with is the constant slamming of window frames. Plastic frames can be quite heavy, which means that they make a noticeable sound. This will cause young children to wake up and it can be very hard to get them back to sleep again.

Wooden frames are much lighter than conventional plastic window frames, so there is less chance that they are going to make a sound when they are closed.

They Are Often More Eco-Friendly Than Plastic Window Frames

When you buy wooden window frames, you will be able to check whether they have been made from recycled wood. This is important because you will be reducing your carbon footprint and you will be benefitting the environment with this responsible purchase. In contrast, recycled plastic is harder to come by, so the plastic window frames are often made from scratch.

You should consider buying some wooden window frames instead of plastic.

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