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When you want to buy a new mattress, you may find yourself facing a rather difficult choice: what type of suspension to choose? And of the three types of suspensions that exist on the market, two stand out more easily because one is accustomed to see everywhere: the foam and the springs.

The best mattress guide 2017 will help you choose the right one according to you requirement.​

 Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses have the advantage of having a very good aeration, on average the air contained in the mattress is renewed 10 times per night. This gives the user comfort and freshness, so it is ideal for people who sweat a lot or who seek a maximum of freshness at night.There are 4 types of spring mattresses. The quality of these mattresses will depend mainly on the diameter of the steel wire and the amount of springs.

The wider the diameter of the steel wire that makes up the springs, the stronger the mattress will be.For the number of springs making up the mattress (or rather the density of the springs) is large, the weight and the pressure of the body will be distributed on the surface of the mattress. This can lead to better resistance and more comfort to sleep.

The 4 types of springs are:

  • Biconical springs:

These are springs that react gradually and proportionally to the weight of the body. These springs are more advisable for people of large build and who sweat a lot at night because they offer the best air circulation.

  • Multi-turn springs:

It is a single steel wire knitted in coil and pulled along the length of the mattress. The advantage is that this type of spring adapts to all the morphologies and offers a good overall support to the body. It also offers good ventilation. And it is better appreciated by the torque than the bionic springs.

  • Multi-active springs:

It is a hybrid suspension between spring damping and foam damping. It resists time well and absorbs vibrations and perfectly accompanies body movements, making it a very comfortable mattress for sleeping together.

  • Pocket springs:

Each spring is placed individually in a pouch connected to the others. Thus, each single spring responds individually to the pressure exerted on it. It is the perfect suspension for the body, it fits perfectly to all areas of your body.

Foam mattresses

These mattresses are well known for a very long time. They are always well appreciated as they naturally fit the shape of your body. However, some consider that they are only supplementary best mattress because they are uncomfortable. That said, the comfort of a foam mattress depends on the type of foam used and the thickness of the mattress.

  • Polyether foams:

They are generally not very dense. It is a basic product that is entry-level. The lifetime is quite short because it tends to crash quickly, quickly becoming uncomfortable to sleep.

  • Polyurethane foams: 

They are synthetic with open cells. They are denser and offer a firm support and a progressive welcome.They are perfectly suited to people suffering from allergies because they have natural ventilation, which prevents the spread of moisture and the proliferation of mites. The quality / price ratio of this type of foam is excellent.

  • Memory foams :

They are made of viscoelastic foam so that the mattress regains its initial shape in the morning despite all the deformations suffered at night with the body of the person. They offer perfect support to the body by decreasing painful pressure points.

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