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Wood never seems to lose its charm and perhaps this is the reason why wooden planters are so much in demand. Wooden planter boxes are a very useful and popular way of growing plants. The use of plastic boxes evident in modern times can be dangerous not just to the plant but also degrade the quality of the surrounding environment. Wooden planter boxes are natural and eco-friendly options applicable to all types of spaces. Be it a small apartment balcony to an expensive wide patio, it is appropriate for all spaces. You can use them for indoors as well as outdoors. These wooden planter boxes are available offline as well as online and come in a variety of design and sizes based on your budget.

Points to consider before buying wooden planter boxes

Wooden planter boxes are easily available and come in a different range of costs. Finding good quality, beautiful and efficient wooden planter box at the right price needs some considerations indeed.

  • Size: You must decide the size of the planter you need.Wooden planter boxes are available in different dimensions in the market. Depending on the place where you will keep the planter box you can decide the size you need. Measure the length you need with the help of a measuring tape. Many stores also offer customized sizes.
  • Type and quality of wood: Wood quality used in making a planter box will be varying. Some can be extremely lightweight and brittle. These might not be durable enough to hold the plants for a long period of time. Hence, it is very important to choose the right quality of wood. You should avoid pressure treated lumber slabs of wood. They are created with chemicals that might be harmful to your plants.
  • Drainage holes: The wooden planter boxes you choose must have drainage holes at the bottom. The larger the planter box, the drainage holes should also be in sync with the size.

Types of wooden planter boxes

The wooden planter boxes are available in many types and they are discussed here:

  • Corner planters: These can be placed at the corners of your garden or balcony. These corner planters will make your garden look more organized and neat. They are mostly available as ‘L’ shaped or in inverted ‘L’ shape to fit corners accurately.
  • Deck planters: The deck planters give the space a modern look. Plants with long roots can be placed inside these deck planters. They look like a deck and give a stylish look to your plants.

Railing planter box: Railing planter box makes your balcony even more organized. It can be fixed on the handles of your balcony corridors or rails. These are most commonly used wooden planter boxes in small houses and apartments where space is always an issue.

Make the wooden planter ready to be used for planting

Before planting you need to first prepare the wooden planter boxes and make them ready. This helps them prolong their shelf life to a great extent.

  • Gravel layer: Once you place the wooden planter box in the specified place you have to add a thin gravel layer over it. This will aid in draining the box.
  • Compost layer: After placing the layer of gravel, add compost to it. The type of compost you choose depends on the type of plant being planted.
  • Add plants: Now, you can add the desired plants or seeds inside the wooden planter box. You should water them regularly.

The wooden planter boxes are great insulators and hence they are chosen widely for planting. They help to keep the roots of the plan cool. Depending on the wood you choose you will get the longevity of the planter box and hence it is advised to choose after extensive research.

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