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Tree cutting is prohibited in most of the regions to maintain the ecological balance. However, there are some rare circumstances when their removal becomes essential. Such kinds of situations occur when a tree gets partial damage, leaning down or damaging the walls or roof of a building. All kinds of problems have one solution, hire an arborist. These are the experts of heavy trees removal who know different strategies of taking down a tree without causing any damage to the nearby assets or people. Along with tree removal service in Bowral, you will also need an expert to remove its stump. Arborists can accomplish this entire task with utmost perfection and care. Finding such professionals have become very convenient because of the web portals. A professional tree removal expert implements the following strategies to accomplish the job.

Tree removal process

  • First of all, they clean the entire area around the tree in order to prepare space for falling down. They make an estimate of tree’s height for clearance of the area. If it is a crowded area, they have special arrangements of slicing it down safely. After making adequate space, they start the branch removal process.
  • Branch removal process starts from the ground to top by removing every branch with the help of a chainsaw. The large tree removal service provider use a harness rope to elevate from bottom to the top. Once the entire tree is free from branches, they start the marking process. Arborist measures the length of sleepers so that they can be utilized after cutting down.
  • The cutting process starts from the topmost portion called crown. They systematically slice down the tree stump in pieces. When the height reduces to a safe falling area, the tree is removed from its stump. In the end, stump remains in the ground that also requires professional skills of removal.

Stump and its removal procedure

Stump is the remaining part of a tree that has small height and circumference. Nevertheless, it is the toughest part to remove if you don’t have adequate equipment and experience. Most of the part of a stump remains deep beneath the ground level in the form of roots. The strength of roots depends on several factors such as the breed of a tree and geographical conditions. If the ground level is rocky and hard, removal of the stump is very tough. Also, the difficulty of removal depends on the life of a tree. The professionals of tree removal services in Bowral know different techniques for removing a stump as mentioned below.

  • Winch pulling is the first attempt of removing a stump from roots. The arborist use chains to encircle the stump and pull it with the vehicle’s winch.
  • If winch fails, grinding is another effective method. The tree cutting service experts chip out the stump by using a large cutter. It grinds the wood in small chips to eradicate from the ground. After digging it below the ground level, the surface is covered with soil to level the surface again.
  • Burning is another measure of stump removal effortlessly. It is also a DIY technique if you have a powerful driller. Dig horizontal and vertical holes of around 8 to 10 inches in the stump and fill them with any combustible liquid such as kerosene or petrol. Let the wood to soak the entire fluid and fill it again. Now set the stump on fire and it will automatically burn out.
  • Chemical rotting is a professional way of removing a tree stump. They drill holes in the stump and fill them with chemicals that rot the wood in just a few weeks. Once it becomes loose, burn it or remove with an ax easily.

These are the professional ways implemented by experts of tree removal service in Bowral. Before hiring someone, always ask for their authorization license.

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