Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
dental design

If you have ever been to a dental clinic, you must have noticed how plain and clinical it looks. The walls are plain and a monotonous carpet on the floor complete the look. The absence of any art work or plants adds to the serious look of the clinic. But the dull days of a dental office are gone. Now, people have started realizing the importance of a good dental office interior design. There are some clinics that are going ahead with designing breaking the monotony but there are few other clinics which are still sticking with their old look and charm. In this context it is worth mentioning that dental office interior design has a major role to play is practice success as it is connected to the patient’s satisfaction.

Given below are some myths related to dental office interior design:

1. The Designing Process Interferes With Everyday Work  

There is a myth amid the dentists that the idea of shutting down your entire office in order to let the designers work seems ridiculous. It will not only hamper the livelihoo d but can also drive your patients away. The entire process will lead to a revenue loss affecting the daily practice.

This is not true in all cases because one might get the interior work done area wise. The dentist might allocate a area of the office for renovation work and continue with his practice in another part. One more option is that he might let the work be in progress during holidays or during late evenings when the office is closed.

2. No Complains Mean No Work Required

People associated to dentistry have a notion that just like an employee at a restaurant will not complain about the interior of the place, the employee or a patient will not say that they dislike the interior of the clinic on your face. So, if you think that the interior of your place is fine because nobody’s complaining, then you might be wrong. Because the dental office interior design is closely allied to the functional efficiency of the workplace.  If the interior place is operationally efficient, the workers and the patients will be able to operate in the clinic in a better way.

3. Dental Office Interior Design Is Subjective

People think that interior designs are always chosen according to the whims and fancies, but it might not be true. Yes, the pattern and way you want the clinic to look might be subjective but then there are things which are scientifically proven like which colors suit the environment of the clinic. Most of the people go for green or blue because these   colors are regarded as cool colors as they calm people down. Thus, there are dozens of things which suit the environment of a healthcare clinic and it is scientifically proven.

To create a good environment in the workplace, these are the few factors which you should be concerned about:

  • To get rid of the dull environment, one must choose creative artwork which has the capacity to make the patients feel good. The kind of artwork installed does affect the mood of the patients present in the clinic. Having a healing environment in the workplace is necessary which is largely dependent on the kind of creative space created there.
  • The waiting areas should be designed in such a way that the patients feel secure and not over trespassed with the presence of other patients. They should be able to freely communicate with each other’s family members or friends and not feel as if their conversation is being eavesdropped by the other people present there.
  • The sunlight should be able to enter the clinic in a very comfortable manner. It should not be direct rays of the sun heating up the room but enough sunlight to keep it warm and cozy.

A good dental office interior design should be such that the patient feels relaxed. Patient and the employees should not be in a hurry to leave the place as soon as they can because of the way the office looks. The place should comfortable for all creating a positive environment for the practice.  Thus, while going for an interior makeover, one should be sure of all the little aspects because each has something to contribute to the big picture.

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