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Like we all know, change is constant and accepting it is the least we can do. As humans, we are always scared of how fast things can change because the best thing today might just be another thing of the past tomorrow, but the change that everyone is always willing to accept no matter how fast it comes is that of fashion, home decoration, to mention a few.

And that is exactly what this article brings to you. It is a new year, and the designs for 2018 will most likely have gone with its 31st December so we will be bringing you abreast with the latest home designs for this year, and these designs are;

The design with the natural element

2018 proved to be a magnificent year for different designs, especially with the tech-obsessed designs. But this year, the aim for the trends seems to be more natural, that is, going back to the basics.

The guys from Austwestconstruction have mentioned that therefore, one of the major trends for the home design will be with the natural materials like gravels, stones, concretes, granites, to mention a few. Like we all know, the ambiance and serene the natural environment gives us cannot be compared to that of the tech-décor and what else is better than feeling the nature right in the four walls of your house.

Painted ceilings

It is called four walls of the house because mostly, the ceilings are not considered, but now the fifth wall has been ignored for way too long and people are beginning to recognize that. As said by Rebecca Rowland Interiors “2019 will be a year where people will begin to take advantage of the fifth wall, which has been ignored for too long! The ceiling will become a place where people start to create blissful moments in their spaces ranging from wallpaper to moldings and daring paint colors.

Considering the painting of the house, the 10-30-60 rule should be considered for the painting of the ceiling. The ceiling can be painted with the base color of the house or can be painted to speak volume which will be the color of the least used color of the house.

The use of bold colors

Bold colors have been used over the years but that does not stop it from being in vogue this year, as in short, it will be used more in this 2019. Colors like deep red, navy blue, burnt orange will really make a wow statement wherever used in the home.

Though there has to be balanced when bringing such colors to your room. Like paring the bold colors with cool colors to making it suiting and make the right statement.

Velvet furnishing

Velvet has been available for quite a while, and at some point, it was seen as an old fashion design but speaking of a comeback, velvet has been brought back to life has it is gaining its grounds back in the latest designs for homes. For a trend to come back to life you should know how much volume it speaks, so grabbing velvet furniture is something that will definitely compliment the taste for the latest home decorations for 2019.

Mission style details

The looks and the feel of our homes peaks a lot of fashion, and sometimes the warmth feeling might just be lacking in the designs found in our home. But the mission style details as the name implies is on a mission to bring the warmth and proper taste of fashion into our home. This design is more about finding different ways to input different characters into one room. This design also saves one from having to choose one character over the other as they can all be incorporated in a grand style to make your home a style of everything you ever imagined.

Black and white decoration

This design has been available over the years, and it is back again with its beauty in this 2019, I would say it is a timeless design trend. It is a design that speaks boldness and simplicity in one, and since they are both opposing colors, one color makes the other half better, yea the marriage kind of design, that is, the black and white colors complement each other.

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