Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Restoring damaged or older furniture is not as easy as it looks. Due to the passage of time, wood furniture tends to get much more delicate. Therefore, the restoration process must never be rushed. Any experienced furniture restorer will tell you that good restoration jobs always take a bit of time. Many people are enthusiasts when it comes to using older furniture, and have many antique furniture pieces available at their place. Unfortunately, if the furniture is not maintained properly, it’s likely to start losing colour over time.

Unless you have a considerable amount of experience in repairing and restoring older furniture, you should never try to restore antique furniture. You might end up causing irreparable damage to the furniture and make it next to impossible to properly restore it back to its original condition. Many antique furniture pieces contain ornate carvings and are usually handcrafted, so you need someone who has significant experience in repairing and restoring such furniture pieces. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful chest of drawers that is decades old, or a study table that has been passed down the generations, you should always consider getting it restored by a professional. There are many professional furniture restorers in Bedfordshire you can get your furniture restored from. Here are some basic things you should know about restoring your antique furniture.


In most cases, you will need to transport the furniture items to the company’s restoration shop. However, there’s a risk involved in moving such old furniture; many people are sceptical that they might end up causing more damage along the way. You should contact the restoration company and ask them for advice on how to transport the furniture to your place. There are many restoration companies that also offer the service of pick-up and delivery of your furniture items as well, so you can easily contact them for more information about that service.


Once the professional restorers have taken a look at the antique furniture pieces, they will give you an estimate for the costs of restoration, as well as the estimated time that it’s going to take to restore the furniture. If you get the furniture restored from an experienced company, they will give you much more accurate estimates for such restoration work.

Before you drop off your antique furniture at any company’s outlet, you should carry out a bit of due diligence. This means checking out the restoration work the company has done in the past to get a better idea about whether they will be able to handle this type of project or not. By the time the restoration work has been completed, you will notice that the furniture looks as good as new, with no blemishes or scratches to speak of!

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