Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

While reading an article called Homemade Gifts Make a Comeback, I read of a family that made homemade woodworking gifts for their family throughout the year. This reminded me of the many woodworking gifts my dad had made for our family over the years before his death.

We all enjoyed these homemade woodworking gifts he made for us for no reason at all most of the time. Except for the fact that he thought we needed them. I also know many a times he spent money on woodworking books to make these items for his own pleasure and for gifts.

I know that the prices of these woodworking books can be quite pricey at times. I can about bet that many woodworking enthusiasts would agree with that.

So rather than spending your hard earned money on woodworking books, I thought those woodworkers out there would enjoy these free woodworking plans. If you also know of a woodworker that would enjoy these woodworking patterns, print them out, put them in some kind of binder and give them as a gift yourself.

In these economic uncertainties, a book of woodworking plans from someone they know will make their day. It can also help your pocketbook when shopping for a gift for that woodworker in your life.

Free Woodworking Plans Site

There is a whole list from A to Z of free woodworking plans listed at freeww.com. There are furniture pieces for the indoors and outdoors, yard woodworking plans, planters, and more.

Each of the items listed in each section will take you to another link with further lists of woodworking plans. Each item comes complete with instructions and pictures of the finished project.

Free Wood Puzzles Woodworking Plans

This free woodworking plan site is geared more towards younger children. There are quite a few large piece wooden puzzles listed on this site.

There is a wide variety of wooden puzzles listed on this site. Each of the free wood puzzle woodworking plan has a picture of the finished project in the plans. There are also rocking horses and toy box woodworking patterns listed.

Back Yard Spaces Free Woodworking Plans

There are many different sets of free woodworking plans for spaces in your back yard listed on this site. You will find furniture, planters, bird houses and feeders, and other various items that can be found in a backyard.

Some of the free woodworking plans will take you to sites that will require you to have Acrobat Adobe Reader Version 9 or lower in order to print the free plans. This may annoy some to have to download this, it will be worth your time and your wallets time to download the reader for the free woodworking plans.

All these plans are made to let the woodworker enjoy the process of making the resulting products. From efficiently cutting the wood through a saw, until the assembly and finishing touches, these are the perfect project plans to let them savor the woodworking process.

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