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Sumer is just started but the heat is killing us. All the traditional equipment like fans are not much use now. Air coolers are a cheaper option available in the market than the air conditioner. They work great in dry areas, in humid climates; they are not much useful and hence can be avoided. Before buying an Air cooler there are two things that you need to consider 1) What type of Air cooler you need and 2) Comparison, you need to compare the air cooler price before buying.

Choosing the type of Air Cooler

 Mainly there are three different kinds of air coolers available in the market like desert coolers, evaporative and portable room coolers. In case you want to cool a larger area, then you must go for desert coolers. They need more space, more power, and more water but provide the best cooling among all the air coolers. For a small room, portable coolers can work best. Though, always buy air coolers that give a better cooling and less noise.

There are many brands providing best of its class Air cooler, anyone can get confused. So in order to help you, we are providing a short list of air coolers that we not only help you find the best but also help you to know the Air cooler Price in India.


Bajaj offers an affordable price range of air coolers. Most of the coolers come with the Compact cooler design. You can choose the one with the cooling area as per the space of the room you need to get cooled. The cooling area range offering begins from 251 sq. ft. and less to 350 sq. ft. and more. Based on the Blower Control Speed, you can pick the one with 2 speed, 3 speed, 5 speed and multiple speed. To fit everyone’s need Bajaj air coolers are available from 20 litters and less water tank capacity up to 41 litters and more, based on your need.

Leading models of air cooler from Bajaj

  • Bajaj TT 2011 Rs. 4,888
  • Bajaj PC 2014 Glacier Rs. 5,555


Usha offers the range of high-quality air coolers. Currently, the company offers honey well model air coolers. They have unique features of Honeycomb Cooling as Cooling Medium. For now, they are offering four types of coolers or models. All these models come with Compact Cooler Design. Water tank capacity varies from 15 Litres to 55 Litres.

Leading models of air cooler from Usha

  • Usha Honeywell CL 15AM Rs. 10,000
  • Usha Honeywell CL48PM Rs. 12,888


The range of air coolers provided by the Symphony is perfect air coolers to defeat this summer. You can use these products at work, home or anywhere else. The company provides various kinds of air coolers covering the commercial (heavy duty coolers with a full metal body) and domestic (plastic). They also provide industrial (cooler-machine made modular unit) air coolers too. All these coolers are eco-friendly and carbon reduction product policy based.

Leading models of air cooler from Symphony

  • Symphony DiET 8i Rs.5,791
  • Symphony DiET 12T Rs. 5,991

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