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Before you decide to invest in high-quality windows for your home, you should start by learning as much as you can about the material used in many new products. You’d be wise to understand the design of these new windows that makes them so energy efficient. This basic but essential information can help you become what you should be with every purchase – an educated consumer.

For many years, windows were simply openings in the exterior walls of a building covered by some simple material such as waxed or oiled paper or animal skin scraped clean. These choices allowed some light into the rooms and kept the worst of the elements outside.

First Wood, Then Aluminium

In more recent times, readily available wood was used to make frames for windows and glass was fitted into those frames. Clear glass in windows was a vast improvement over earlier materials. As time passed, manufacturers used metals such as aluminium to make long-lasting frames, another giant step in the right direction.

But the newest windows offered today use a material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a common, strong, lightweight plastic widely employed in construction processes. This somewhat stiff, brittle plastic is made more flexible and softer by the addition of plasticisers during the mixing process. If this last step isn’t part of the mix, the material is known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). It is also referred to as rigid PVC.

PVC is most often found in pipes but is also used in toys and for cable insulation. Plumbing and drainage pipes may also be made with uPVC. But the most recognised use of the material without plasticisers is the modern window, especially uPVC double glazed windows. PVC is, as mentioned, more flexible, yet it remains quite durable and offers a very low-cost option for manufacturers.

Safe, Fire Resistant

Two of the most important benefits that you get from uPVC are its fire-resistant properties and the fact that it is so rigid and durable. This makes it an excellent choice for producing windows for home and business. By the way, it’s safe for transporting drinking water and is recyclable too. It won’t biologically decompose and does not rot so it’s outstanding when used in low-maintenance settings.

Some of the longest-lasting windows can be made with uPVC as the base material because it’s tough enough to stand up to impact and retains its shape well in normal temperature ranges. It only makes sense that when you combine this remarkably durable material with double-glazing design in windows, you have products that are highly energy efficient.

So, what does double glazing do for these excellent windows? The name says it all. There are two panes of glass separated by a sealed space, a design that delivers outstanding insulating properties. This process uses two panes of glass separated by a space of about 16mm to 19mm. The air is trapped between the panes and a drying agent is used so that no moisture builds up inside the completed window.

Why This Is Important

It’s been known for decades that homes and other buildings lose a lot of their heat through the windows during the winter. It’s also difficult to keep rooms cool in summer if the windows allow hot air in and cool air out. The result is, of course, higher costs for energy and less comfort for you, your family members, and your guests.

People who lived in more extreme climates were obviously quite interested in double-glazed windows. But this design became popular in many places around the planet, leading to comfortable homes, businesses, and shops that had previously fought with leaky windows and high energy costs. These customers also benefit from reduced noise levels as the double pane and air space offer excellent separation from outside sounds as well.

Property owners have found these windows are remarkably easy to maintain because of the lack of condensation. The bottom line is that homeowners and other property owners get years of trouble-free use and save money as well so they are a smart investment indeed. Add to this the benefit of being able to select from an array of colours from white to natural wood tones and you have the perfect choice for new windows.

Your Custom Windows

When you are considering new windows for your property, you should work with a company bringing a lot of experience to the task of producing high-quality products. Browse the website to learn more about the products and services offered and then talk to a representative about your custom-made windows. Whether you are preparing for new construction or need to replace your current inefficient windows, this is the source for windows that not only look great but function well too.

Choose tilt-and-turn windows for superior functionality and convenient adjustment. They offer all the energy-saving qualities you want plus a versatile and stylish appearance. Maybe you’d rather have energy-saving sliding windows to invite the morning sunlight into the home and block the less-desirable elements when necessary. Add retractable fly screens for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

You can also get all the benefits of uPVC and double glazing with fixed windows that give you excellent thermal insulation and unmatched noise reduction. You can rely on these secure and appealing windows for years of service.

Tailored Solutions

When you talk with a knowledgeable representative, be sure to ask about tailored solutions for your specific property. The leading providers of quality windows and doors have experienced design and manufacturing teams who will work with you according to your renovation and building schedule. They’ll also be able to assist you in choosing the right windows and glass for your climate.

Get the finest in windows from a company focusing on quality control at every step of the process from the first time that you consult with them through planning and design to the final installation. But the service doesn’t stop there because these top suppliers also offer outstanding after-sale support. Quality construction and professional installation mean windows you’ll be proud to own. And, you’ll save money on your energy costs too.

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