Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The boring routine of going to work and spend all your days at home watching TV or doing basically nothing on the internet must be ended. You must do something productive and creative with your life. Some people dedicate to healthy life and fitness, others love gardening, and if you can’t find anything suitable for you we recommend – working with fabric. See some amazing fabric work here.

Long Island has a lot of fabric stores and you surely pass one by on your way to work. Have you ever wondered what the fabric can be used for and who deals with it? It’s time to be a part of this story. Of course, if you want to do something fun and creative in your life. Check out these ideas and start enjoying.

Pillow makeover

How long are you sleeping on the same pillows? Change is crucial in everyone’s life if they want to feel satisfied and happy. It’s time to change your pillow tops. With it, you’ll make them different and in time when you had enough, simply switch them with something else.

How to do this? Measure the length of the pillow and sew the fabric together leaving one side open. Don’t forget to leave a little more so the pillow can easily get inside.

Key chain fun

We get attached to key chains like it’s some kind of artifact we’re carrying with us. That’s okay, but why not make the key chain a part of your style. For example, if you love cats, why not make a key chain with support of fabric that has cats drawn on it.

Take a piece of plastic, or a small wooden piece and cover it with something interesting that you’ll find in the stores, or on some Long Island online fabric store. Attach one to the other and voila – you have a cool chain.

Painting frames

Are you also not a huge fan of those boring painting frames? It seems like someone makes them annoying on purpose. It’s time to make your own frames. Take the fabric you like and isolate the wood of the frame completely. In the end, stitch it, but make sure it’s not easily seen so you don’t lose the coolness.

Of course, if you have a Monet painting with all those beautiful landscapes, it’s not appropriate to do this kind of makeover. However, if you own a Picasso or a Dali, just go for it!

Mousepad with style

Your computer mouse needs a special surface to give you the best results. If you’ve noticed, a lot of mouse pads are made of fabric and this something that’s easily changeable.

Redecorate it and see how lovely your workspace can be. For a very small amount of money, you can have a new mouse pad every week. A piece of advice – take your pad home at Friday, insert a new fabric until Sunday and go to work again on Monday having a completely new pad. People might call you the mouse pad girl (or boy), but if you don’t like this, do it less often and you’ll be fun.

Pendants and necklaces

Another coolness upgrade that you can make basically for free. Find a fabric that looks beautiful and use it to cover an old pendant. It doesn’t matter what kind of material the pendant is, you can place the fabric on top and hide it completely.

For example, an old rusty necklace that has no meaning for you can be transformed into a beautiful green one that will go perfectly with your new shoes. It’s the season of colors so don’t wait until it’s over. See some fashion trends .


This will take you a little more effort and money, but it’s worth it in the end. Sew completely new bedding that you can change every night. Just like in the part where we talked about the pillows, sew bedding that will fit your needs and will cover the whole blanket.

It will give it a completely new look, it will change the look of the bed and the whole room. It’s machine washable and very easy to put on and take off.

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