Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

If you ask your friends and family about their favourite room in the house, most of them would reply ‘bedroom’; probably because that place is associated with sleep and comfort.  But do you know if your bedroom is full of things or furniture, it can affect your sleep? Many people who are not able to sleep well have cluttered bedrooms. The visual obstructions keep the person awake, reminding them of their duties to clean. And an active mind would not fetch anyone a good sleep. 

Buy plastic boxes and drawer compartments 

If you feel your bedroom needs cleaning, chances are you have kept a lot of unnecessary things in your room. To make arranging and storing things easy, investing in plastic boxes and drawer compartments would be a great idea. You can buy fancy and similar-looking plastic boxes or decorative baskets for storage. 

Dive into your wardrobe 

By this, we mean, take a few hours every day instead of piling your bed or floor with your clothes and other articles in one day. Sort sections of your wardrobe each day. For example, arrange your t-shirts the first day, shirts the next, bottoms on the third day and so on.

 Divide clothes into categories 

Which categories, you may ask? Once you take out the pile of, say t-shirts, divide them into favourite, wearable and non-wearable. You can use plastic boxes for the same. Just label each box with to ease out your decision. 

Discard non-wearable ones 

Pile your non-wearable clothes and either donate them or throw them. Your job is not done if you do not have space for new and essential items in your wardrobe. In case you still have not made space, take a good look at your wearable clothes and decide if you really need the piece.

Raid your drawers

Once you are done with cleaning your wardrobe, raid your drawers. Everyone tends to fill up the drawers with unnecessary things like old bills, expired toiletry and products, expired medicines, broken items, etc. Throw away everything that is not functional and not useful.    

Arrange your bedroom furniture 

Bedrooms tend to look loaded when there is heavy furniture attached to every wall. Arrange the pieces in such a way that your bedroom space appears to be bigger. Shifting your bed and dressers can do wonders. Arrange either horizontally or vertically. Opt for lighter shades. 

Make your bedroom visually cleaner 

Our bedrooms tend to have small decorative items. If the piece is smaller than a cantaloupe, discard it. Invest in a few bigger pieces rather than multiple smaller ones. And remember, everything that is not a decorative item needs to be stored. 

Keep seasonal clothing items under your bed 

If your bed has drawers, you are probably following this trick. In case you don’t, you can use fancy plastic boxes. Fill them with seasonal stuff like sweaters, boots, blankets, etc., and store them under your bed. This way, you will make more space in your wardrobe. 

  Invest in dressers and replace bedside table with it 

Dressers can be used as small wardrobes. The main reason why a bedroom appears messy is because of lack of storage space. As a result, articles like shoes, clothes, jewellery, etc. are scattered here and there. If your bedroom has space, install dressers. They are not visually heavy and have adequate storage.  

Always keep your bed clean 

The room appears to be cleaner if the bed is tidily made and kept. Make sure to make your bed just after getting up. Avoid putting and leaving things on the bed. You might often leave your clothes on the bed after changing into your night suit or keep laptop or shopping bags on the bed. 

Once you have successfully decluttered your bedroom and discarded the waste, the room will definitely be cleaner. But over time, you are likely to stock up things again. Thus, to keep your room decluttered, clean it regularly. Always indulge in keeping space for storing new articles to delay the process.

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