Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

In the present generation of contemporary living, you want everything from your bedroom to kitchen and bathroom to be perfect and stylish. You want to give a different look to your kitchen and bathroom which is in sync with the décor of your whole house. So, you must choose your brassware (taps) carefully. They should not only look stylish and classy but should also cater to your requirements of easy to use, quality, withstanding water pressure supplied etc.

There are new upgraded versions of kitchen taps and bath taps coming in the market every day, with advanced quality and design. So give a new look and feel to your kitchen or bathroom with a new set of taps for your kitchen or bathroom available in the market.Factors to be considered while choosing the brassware for your kitchen or bathroom

You must consider following factors while choosing the taps for your kitchen or bathroom:

 Pressure of your Faucet: There are different water pressures supplied in kitchen. In few homes, high-pressure water is directly supplied from the main source, which helps the taps to work in an efficient way. While in few homes, low pressure water is supplied and that is why it is necessary to buy the taps accordingly. Faucets are available in both forms of high water pressure and low water pressure taps. You must choose according to the water pressure supplied to your kitchen or bathroom; and which is user-friendly to your children and adults. For this, you must test the pressure of the faucet before making a decision on your purchase. The pressure test is always performed by good manufacturers to ensure the quality of the product delivered to you.

 Quality: Quality is the most important aspect of a product. You always want a quality product, which would last for long time and doesn’t need to be changed frequently. You must select a kitchen tap that is made of high quality materials, without any manufacturing defect. This will give you an efficient and durable product along with the best designs which will beautify the look of your bathroom or kitchen.

 Tap Holes: If you want to buy the taps in accordance with your existing or new sink, you must select the design, which matches the number of pre-drilled tap holes available in the kitchen or bathroom.

 Pipe Work Centers: If you want to have separate hot and cold feeds, it becomes necessary to have the information on pipe work centers. The distance between the two pipe feeds is known as the “center” and they must match up to the centers of the surface on which the tap is to be mounted in case the surface supplied is pre-cut. There are two methods in which you can mount the taps: deck mounting and wall mounting. If the water is supplied through the work surface or sink, it is called deck mounting; whereas when the water is supplied through the wall horizontally, it is called wall mounting.

When you go out to buy taps for your kitchen or bathroom, you will come across both modern and traditional designs. The traditionally designed bath taps are operated by turning the head for the water flow as per your need. Modern products feature latest designs and ceramic discs, which enable them to achieve desired water flow, making it easily controllable. You must invest in the taps as per your requirement and convenience; and also take care of them to give them a long life.

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