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Renovation in homes is one of the very important aspects of up grading the living atmosphere to a great extent. However renovation and improvement is also essential for the increase or sustaining the value of the home at the time of future sale. It is not only essential in the aspect of improving the esthetical value, it also helps in the making the lives better and enjoyable at home. Here are some of the very essential tips to improve the functionality as well as the practicality at homes throughout the world.

1. Make Room for Pantry Instead Of Large Kitchen or Dining Area
Pantry is more cost effective and practical as well in respect of the large kitchen area and that indulge more space and also much costlier in terms of its functionality in comparison to pantry room, which serves the same function almost with less cost association.

2. Bath Showers in Place Of Bath Tubs
Gone are those days with big bath tubs attached in the bathroom eating up a lot of space and also much costly than the modern day economical bath showers. Bath showers available in the market nowadays are much cost effective and efficient in terms of saving lot of water and space. And these give your bathroom a modern look as well.

3. Arrange the Windows Together Instead Of Scattering Them All Around
One needs to understand the utility and practicality of windows at the home. It is futile to arrange a window at each and every corner of the home to get a great view. Rather it is necessary to arrange the entire window at a particular point of utility reducing some from each and every corner, which saves a lot of cost, as well as increase the efficiency and functional aspects as well.

4. Maintain Proper Ceiling Heights
It is futile to make a large and tall ceilings heights in the view of making the room better in every aspects. It is rather makes the room look taller and nothing else, and engulfs a lot of cost in the process of renovation and decoration. Therefore it is advisable to keep the ceiling heights in proper order to match the requirement of the room and thus saving a lot of energy as well as money.

5. Plan More Spend Less
Always spend a lot of time in the aspects of planning and finalizing the projects, making necessary changes and improvements in the planning and as well as making necessary addition and subtraction in the existing plan and reviewing the project before actually stepping on to implement the plan. It helps in the constructing the plan more efficiently and helps in the flawless implementation of the project. More than all, it saves a hell lot of money at the time of the project implementation as well as at the end of the project.

It is always a welcome gesture and ideas for all in terms of bringing that absolute change and innovation in the home. It not only improves the beauty and the elegance of the entire home, it also enhances the value of the home in multidimensional aspects.

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