Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

There is something beautiful about tattered edges and faded colours, which is just not present in the ultra-polished designs. Not everyone’s cup of tea, archaic designs, and old décor surely promise to add personality to your living room. Be it colonial styled wall designs, metallic curtain rods, retro furniture like Eames chair, or repurposed window frames, it is like opening those dilapidated pages of history that have lost glory in this fast-moving world. Your living room is a place to relax and release the hassle of the day. How about 5 easy ways to add that archaic touch to your living room that exudes beauty and warmth, all at the same time:

Offline & Online Marketplaces

You need guidance over where you can actually go and buy beautiful vintage décor items for your living rooms. There are a number of websites to give you relevant information. It is time to make use of sharp internet skills. In other cases, you can always search for best offline furniture stores or your nearby market, where you customize your orders.

Colours & Contours

Old-styled living rooms are not only about vintage furniture but also historic hues that bring about the difference. You must choose neutral colours like lighter shades of strong colours and naturally soothing colours, such as mauve, cream, and light pink. This not accentuates the look of the room, brings about peace, but also blends in well the choice of décor. The chosen combination of energetic colours like red and serene hues of white shall elevate the appeal.

Windows & Curtains

Windows and the curtains you choose of different colours allow light and personality to make a foray. You can add a traditional touch by first, selecting metallic curtain rods of deep colours that are sturdy enough to carry the load of old-style, sometimes heavy drapes. This can be tricky because not all pay attention to them but it essential as well. Moving on to the curtains, you can go for shades like roman or use blinds made of Bamboo. Furthermore, prefer lightly weighted curtains to heavier counterparts with tiebacks.

Decorative Pieces

Decorative items, when chosen correctly, can actually let your living room ooze a greater degree of historic splendor. Be meticulous with your approach, as you do not want the place look trashy; therefore, go for things like a flower vase or a huge mirror for the mantle, vintage paintings or wall hangings, chandeliers, or even instruments like saxophones or players as a showpiece. Do you consider a fireplace?


Nowadays, having plants inside a room or in the balcony area is something everyone is doing and this applies to this plan too. When it comes to adding flora, be simple. The game is to choose plants that do not overpower the theme. Try, for instance, a small terrarium or a spider plant. You can place the plant near a window, hang it on the curtain rods, or even place it on the mantle beside a showpiece for an unruffled look.

Embracing the vintage interiors for your living room has never been so easier.

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