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Nowadays, Modular homes are becoming immensely popular since many people have realized that they are equal or much better than old traditional site built in homes. These homes are built in different sections in a factory where they are protected from weather elements and decays. They are actually made of units called as modules, shifted to the building site and later assembled. These homes are especially made using efficient construction technology with less material wastage. These houses are built with the similar local building codes which site built houses are but adhere to strict quality control standards. As these modular homes need to be transported to the build site, they are constructed in such a way which makes them much stronger than site built homes. Modular Homes are of various types, designs, structures and come in different budgets.

Modular homes are actually very cost effective. These homes are built in a very efficient manner with minimum loss of time and minimal material wastage. The Materials used to build Modular Homes are usually purchased by the manufacturer in large quantity. Hence, the costs benefits are passed on to the consumer. On an average 10-35% construction cost of a modular house is less than the site built homes. Also, these houses get appreciated in value in similar way like other homes do.

With the invention of modular homes, the whole concept of home building has been changed to a large extent over a decade. As modular homes are quite cost effective, nowadays this innovative method of building is more preferred over the conventional method of building a structure on-site.Modular Homes are built with especially made prefabricated modules and sections. These modules are manufactured in the factories and are later joined together either by stacking them upon one another or by joining them.

Modular Homes are quite environmentally friendly, hence are becoming popular and important to many consumers as well as home builders. These homes are also very energy efficient. These homes include well-insulated walls, as well as high quality sustainable construction materials. In Modula Homes there is wide variety of floor plan options available. They also include vaulted ceilings, well equipped big size kitchens, walk in closets, wrap around porches and various other features in these factory constructed homes. These homes can even be customized according to the different needs of the family. In Modular Homes upgradeoption is also available and they come in different exterior finishes. Nowadays, factory built homes are actually constructed with similar materials as the traditional homes are.

The different types of Modular Homes are as follows:

1. Cape Cod: This type of modular home includes features such as wooden flooring and staircase as a prerequisite, along with specially designed sloping roof which featuresnumerous dormer windows and will make minimal use of footprint.These types of modular home are built with minimum, 1000 square feet of floor space. They include large scale garden and greenery on both from the front as well as backside of the home. This type of modular home come in maximum two bedrooms, hence they may not be good options for big families.

2. Ranch: This particular type of modular home is quite differentfrom the Cape Cod variety. The Cape Cod variety features a second story to the home;instead Ranch type of modular home has horizontalapproach rather than vertical approach. They give more importance here to effectively using the space rather than big rooms.The most readily identifiable feature of this type of modular home is the notable presence of a basement. Ranches are extremely popular among families, as they include generous number of bedrooms which makes it far easier to accommodate big family with children.

3. Two Story: This particular type of modular home is the largest of all of the modular homes.These Two story range homes are premium product usually at the top end of the product line and come with rather hefty price tag. These type modular homes include largest number of bedrooms, as well as floor space, (1600-2600 square feet).The other factor whichmakes these homes different from the others is that they include a bedroom downstairs.

Modular homes offer similar design features, options, and benefits same as the site built homes. These homes can be ready to move into more quickly. These homes are much stronger, of good quality, less expensive to operate, and they are usually cost effective to build.

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