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With global warming posing a severe threat to human lives the conservation of trees has become more imperative today than ever before. No significant change can be expected at the collective level until individuals come forward with the genuine effort. Irrespective of how minuscule it might sound, but change has to start with one and thereafter can be spread and practiced by millions.

Tree surgeon is setting a noble example before the people by delivering marvellous service in the preservation and maintenance of trees. If you want to give your best as well, then nourish trees and enhance their longevity. In this article, top tips for nurturing have been discussed that will allow you to grow healthy trees in your garden or backyard.

Mulching for your trees

For newly planted trees, mulching plays a key role in its growth. It facilitates soil insulation to maintain a balance between cold and heat temperatures. Moreover, mulching helps in water retention thereby adding moisture to the roots. However, deposit it away from the tree trunk at the same time maintaining a depth of four inches and three feet in diameter.

Disease or pest detection

If you observe pest or diseases or other abnormalities in your plants, then it is better to contact a professional right away. In this case, you can contact tree surgeon who is an expert in tree diseases and their cure. You must not apply techniques and medications if you do not have sufficient knowledge required for dealing with these complications. Before it is too late, experts should be contacted for swift diagnosis and treatment.

Be careful with watering

Too much watering is as much disastrous as a dearth of watering. Although the amount of water required depends on climate, but never make the soil soggy with water. After you have planted a new tree, you must water it frequently for healthy growth. However, the water application should be balanced so that it causes desired to moisten of soil without creating swampy surrounding. At least for two years, you got to follow this watering routine, and thereafter the tree matures to endure various water conditions

Tree pruning

The trees in your backyard need shaping at periodic intervals. Excess growth can compromise visibility, intrusion in other properties and act as a magnet to attract harmful insect species. Therefore, pruning is a must for healthy growth of trees which is also pleasing to our eyes. If your garden is of modest size, then you might want to handle it by yourself. In case, your green space is expansive, it is wise to seek help from professionals like tree surgeon.

Planting and taking care of trees entail benefit from both individual and communal perspectives. Not only will this practice ensure your personal well being, but also offers wellness of the larger society.

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  1. Hi there, I love all your tips for tree care, especially be careful with watering. Too much watering is as disastrous as a dearth of watering. Although the amount of water required depends on climate, never make the soil soggy with water.

    Puunkaato Tampere

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