Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

A professional childcare provider sourced through a trustworthy au pair agency is one of the most beneficial additions any family can enjoy. An au pair is so much more than a simple babysitter – an au pair can become an integral part of your children’s development, and of your family life in general.

Here are five key reasons why hosting an au pair makes so much sense for your family. 

1. They’re very affordable

When you stack the simple costs of a babysitter against an au pair you might think that, on the face of it at least, the babysitter is the more affordable option. In fact, the opposite is true. If you were to compare their services like for like, the au pair offers such superior value for money that you’d never consider a babysitter ever again. 

A babysitter will charge by the hour – an au pair will actually live with you and can work many more hours comfortably.

2. Positive cultural influence

An au pair can come from anywhere in the world. That means you’re opening your children up to broader cultural horizons, practices, and languages – all while they’re provided top-quality childcare. Children who are brought up around multiple languages display an increased aptitude for learning them. 

There’s no better way to broaden your children’s understanding of the world than to introduce them to someone from a different culture with so much to share.

3. More “you” time

When one child or more comes along, it can be easy to feel like your relationship suddenly starts to play second fiddle. In the midst of working and looking after the family, you just can’t find the time for each other, and when you do get a few free hours together, all you likely want to do is sleep. 

An au pair can lighten the load, sharing the responsibility to allow you to find time for each other again. Even just one date night a week can revitalise your relationship.

4. Cultivate friendship

An au pair isn’t just there for your children, they’re there for you too. An au pair can come from anywhere in the world and from any background: you may just find your new best friend turning up at your door. Many families find that the “employer/employee” feeling vanishes very quickly.

Many people even keep in touch with their au pair long after the contract has ended and they have returned home, such is the bond that they end up forming.

5. A helping hand

Of course, the key benefit of an au pair is an extra pair of hands around the house. Even just one child can run two parents ragged, particularly when work, other family issues, and life in general start coming into play. An au pair is there to help lessen the load – helping with dinner, dishes, cleaning, and keeping the children occupied. 

An au pair can quickly become a truly invaluable addition to any home, allowing you to spend more truly quality time with your children and to minimise your stress.

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