Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Trying to sell your property can be a giant task. You often have to worry about legal and transactional details. However, prepping your property for sale is very important if you plan to get more positive buyer attention towards it. It is the first step to starting a property sale. However, often sellers get confused as to what they should or should not do to prepare their property for potential buyer viewing or discussion. This checklist is meant to help you with each step of preparing your property so you can simply check off each of these points and have your property set for a more profitable sale.


If you are trying to position your property amongst the very classy properties for sale in Chiswick, you will need to up your game. Start with cleaning and priming your landscaping. This entails tidying up your garden and maybe planting some fresh flowers or decorative plants to spruce up the place. You must invest in getting your grounds clean and free of any dirty puddles or piles of dead leaves. Make sure that your buyers get the best first impression right when they enter the property premises.


The full home clean-up is absolutely non-negotiable. Start by cleaning all visible rubbish from the outside and inside of the home. The home should not feel neglected. You need to dust all the interior surfaces and make sure they are clean and fit for viewing. The home should not smell of rubbish or piled up garbage. In fact, most estate agents make it a point to freshen up the home with warm homely smells. They often bake cookies or set soothing aromatherapy fragrances in the rooms to entice and attract buyers during the open house events.

Painting And Decor

Final touches to the home interior can literally make or break your sale transaction. In fact, most properties for sale in Chiswick make it a point to complete a fresh paint job on their homes before they set it up for sale. This paint job will help give a fresh look to the property making it more attractive than a similar property in the same price range. It will also help your potential buyers imagine their future in your property. Some estate agents also hire some furniture and decor items to set up a property to look much more inviting for the buyers. They can make a more emotional decision if they feel connected to the property during their viewing.

Make sure to follow these logical steps to bring your property up for the best viewing experience. Your buyers will find it much easier to make a transactional decision if they have the most pleasant experience of your home during the property presentations.