Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

As we get towards high summer, and thoughts turn to garden furniture, householders are being urged to resist the temptation to buy too many items, or pieces which are too small or big for the outdoor area available. There’s a fabulous array of garden wooden chairs and tables and similar items on the market, but be sure you have room to comfortably fit everything you buy.

Take the time to think carefully about what size of furniture will be most suitable both for your needs and the space. Measure up your patio’s free area, and consider how frequently you’ll be using tables, chairs and other furniture, and how many of you there are likely to be.

And, of course, as when buying anything else, you’ll need a budget.

Will you just be enjoying the occasional open-air meal or weekend coffee, or do you have frequent gatherings for large groups of friends and family?
Sets of garden furniture start with bistro sets for two, and go up to sets for a dozen! Make sure you do your homework first.

As a general rule of thumb, allow 70cm squared of space for every chair. For a 2m squared area, make sure your table is no more than 160cm long and 100cm wide. For a larger 8-seater rectangular set with three chairs down each side and one at each end of the table, your patio should measure at least 430cm long by 230cm wide.

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