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Bariatrics is the type of medical treatment that helps to deal with the treatment, cause and prevention of obesity. As such, it is a serious branch of medicine that battles against conditions such as diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure. It is not easy to treat this condition and for those of us who are obese, mobility in and around our homes is always going to be a challenge. But thanks to some revolutionary devices, bariatric users can enjoy a much higher quality of life in their own home. This short article looks at the platform stairlift and describes how its’ application can really change the lives of bariatric users at home and in the workplace.

Platform stairlift

For bariatric patients, negotiating those tricky stairs in the home and the workplace can be a real challenge. So it is little wonder that a number of very considerate companies have developed and produced a variety of solutions based on the humble stairlift. These can be applied to pretty much any type of modern stair structure whether it be curved or straight, there will be a platform stairlift to do the job with style and comfort. Typically, these are robust enough to deal with a working load of over 200 kg and more if required.

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In order to overcome bariatric patients limitations and users to feel confident with their choice of platform stairlift, the device needs to be both comfortable and capable of trouble-free operation. Take a look here for the best platform stairlift options and we’ll go over some of the most important features that a recommended platform stairlift should be able to provide:

  • Safety – These are typically built into the platform stairlift and include barrier arms that stop the platform stairlift from operating until they are in place. The same goes for the ramps and this helps to ensure that the stairlift is as safe as possible before the ascent or descent can begin.
  • Versatility – Modern platform stairlifts have been adapted to help those of us who aren’t wheelchair-bound but still need help in using the stairs. This can be a godsend when having to deal with challenging manoeuvres any time day or night. Thanks to a more modern and flexible design, these devices are more comfortable and sturdy than previous versions.
  • Subtle – Platform stairlifts of yesteryear were somewhat clunky compared to their modern counterparts. Thanks to some slick designs and the fact that they can be folded and parked rather neatly mean that they can add to the appearance of our homes.
  • Ease of operation – Nobody enjoys struggling with a difficult to operate platform stairlift and these have been all but eliminated from modern production. With clear and concise control panels and the ability to be remotely operated, platform stairlifts have finally come of age and are here to stay.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about platform stairlifts and if you, or a family member, are interested in upgrading your current model or installing your first device, please refer to this for a point of reference.

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