Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Winters could be ruthless on your central heating system. As the usage suddenly spikes, the load on the system increases manifold. Sudden and sustained use could uncover several underlying issues with radiators and boilers, which could cause unnecessary inconvenience to you during the freezing climatic conditions. 

Here’s how winters could impact your Central heating south London and the preemptive measures that you could undertake to prevent the damage.  

Condenser boilers issues

The majority of homes have the boilers of condenser variety. They are far more efficient than the older versions, however, there is one downside- unbearing cold climatic conditions could cause the boiler machinery to break down.

Condenser boilers reuse hot waste gases to heat the water, which leads to condensation. A special condensate pipe is used to take the condensation away from the boiler, whose path runs through the building exteriors. Freezing temperatures could cause these pipelines to burst, leaving you without the heating or warm water. 

Fixing a minor burst in a condensate pipe isn’t that tough which, however, in critical cases, you must engage the professionals to restore the functionality at the earliest without causing any undue damage.

You could also insulate the outside pipes as a preemptive measure.  

Radiator issues 

You hardly use central heating south London during the summer and autumn months. As the winter approaches, the system suddenly moves out of the slumber and hence, it is not uncommon to develop problems. Radiators failing to heat up optimally is one such common issue faced after the long hiatus ends.  

Cool patches on the radiators can be removed by bleeding them- you can use a bleeding key for the task and alongside used rugs to collect the excess water. 

High heat use 

Instead to gradually increase the temperature, if you suddenly escalate the intensity of the central heating system, which is just out of dormancy, could trigger massive pressure buildup on the boiler. 

Dust and grime accumulation during the non-use period could also contribute to the mechanical breakdown.  

You can prevent the problem by occasional test running the system during summers and autumns months. Alternatively, operate at a low temperature initially and gradually increase it to prevent pressure and breakdown issues. In case of a critical problem, immediately call the experts who could detect faults and initiate repairs.

Invest in boiler servicing  

It is highly recommended that you must get your systems for central heating south London, tested and repaired (if required) just before the start of the winter season so that you are prepared ahead of time.

By following these simple measures, you could effectively control central heating system issues during the winter season. 

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