Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Having a moving company help you when you are locating to a new home can be a lifesaver, making what can be a stressful and overwhelming experience a much more pleasant and enjoyable one. After doing your research and hiring a competent and reputable company it is time to get to work preparing for the day they will come into your house and help you with shifting your personal belongings from one home to the another.

Being prepared and well-organized before the movers arrive is important so starting your moving preparations in advance is a good idea. Even if you are hiring them to not only move your belongings but also to pack there are things you can do to speed things up while lowering the likelihood of and setbacks. While Kamloops movers can aid you in creating a stress-free and successful move, being a proactive customer benefits you. Here are some things to consider.

Sort and Purge

Paying movers to come into your home and pack up things you are planning on getting rid of does not make any sense. Instead be sure to go through all of your belongings before they arrive and donate, sell or recycle all of the items you do not want to take with you to the new house. Depending on how much you have and how long you have lived in the current residence this may take some times so be sure to set aside a few days to complete this endeavour.

Organize the Home

If you are hiring the moving company to pack the home for you there are some things to do before they arrive. After you have finished the process of sorting and purging it is time to organize the house so it is easy for the movers to do their jobs. Be sure there is not stuff lying around and getting int their way. An organized home is easier to pack up and move.

Have a Budget

It is not always easy to come up with an exact estimate of the time it will take the movers to pack up the home if you have hired them for this. It can also be difficult to know how long it will take them to move everything into the moving truck and then unload it. However if you consult with the company you have hired and try to be realistic you may be able to come up with a rough idea. This way you will know approximately what the move will cost so it’s not a surprise after.

Mark Fragile Boxes and Items

No one wants their delicate and easily damaged belongings broken or damaged so be sure to let the movers know what they need to be aware of before they start packing or moving any items out of the house and into the van. If they are boxing your whole house consider putting fragile things together so they are easy to spot making it faster for those responsible for them. If you are doing the packing be sure to clearly mark and label which boxes contain your fragile goods.

Make an Inventory

Though we do not always like to think about it sometimes things do go wrong and preparing for this is important. Creating an inventory of what is being moved helps to keep track of things in case something goes missing or is damaged. Write down the serial numbers of your expensive items like computers and televisions just in case the worse-case scenario does actually happen.

Label for Each Room

If you are packing the house up yourself it is a good idea to label each box and container you put together with which room it belongs to. This way the movers can put them into the room they will be unpacked in and you won’t have to shift them around after the professionals have left. If you do not do this you will find bathroom items in the kitchen and bedroom boxes in the dining room. This makes unpacking take longer and much less fun.

Set Aside Special Belongings

We all have personal belonging that hold special value to us whether it be monetary or emotional. It is smart to plan on not putting these in the moving vehicle or having them packed by the movers but instead to deal with them on our own. Pack them up yourself and set them aside so there will be no confusion and they won’t accidentally end up in the moving truck. Anything that is valuable should be kept separate and be moved by you.

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