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It is prudent for consumers to interview real estate agents before hiring them. You should avoid agents who do not ask questions or probe for motivation. This is because top-notch real estate agents are selective on the clients they deal with.

You can interview an agent on the phone or visit their office during the first interview. It is impossible for a top notch to visit your home in the first meeting.

Most seasoned real estate agents do not prefer long question sessions; therefore, you should only focus on questions about your needs. However, you should avoid interviewing agents from the same company.

Listed Below Are Great Questions To Question About A Potential Real Estate Agent.

 How many years Have You Been in the Industry?

New agents might compete favorably with seasoned real estate agents provided they have better training background and mentors.  Fresh agents who do not have other engagements will easily concentrate on your assignment.  

There is no single training for agents to prepare real them to handle real estate transactions. They have to learn from experience. This means that an agent who has handled many sells is better equipped to tackle more transactions. They might have also attended seminars and on job training. 

What Is Your Average List-Price-To-Sales-Price Ratio?

The market will always dictate the agent’s average ratio. That is why the best buyers should be in a position to negotiate for a lower price than the quoted list price. However, the best Listing agents should work towards settling on the sale’s price that is closer to the listing price.

This means that as a buyer’s agent’s work on ratios that are below 99% of the listing price, listing agents should work on higher ratios, which are closer to 100%.

What precisely Is Your Perfect Marketing Strategy for My Needs?

It is important for buyers to know how the agent can get the property for him or the number of properties he will evaluate before settling for one. It is also important to understand how the agent will handle multiple offers.

It is crucial for a seller to know the strategies the agent has in place to dispose of your real estate property faster. You can inquire whether he prefers to use direct mail or online campaign. You should also inquire if there are improvements you need to make to attract potential buyers at a minimal cost

Will You Please Provide References?

Everyone has referees including new agents who can use their previous employers as referees. You should inquire if it is possible to meet them and confirm if such referees are related to the agent. Enquire if it is possible to call the referees to get further information later. However, agents with many reviews online do not require referees

What Are The Top Things That Make You Different From The Competition?

A seasoned real estate agent will gladly answer this question. The best qualities to look for in an agent are; honesty, trustworthy, excellent negotiators and assertiveness. However, others will tell you how they are always available on phone call or email, but the most important criteria will be the qualifications and characteristics you are looking for.

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