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Bedroom decoration is one of the prime factors whichis considered when decorating the interior of a house; getting designs that suit the overall aura of the house are rare to find. One of the classiest designs comes with the Victorian bedroom designs; Rome, Italy and Victoria- the names that have been associated with romance and love since long. The elegance that is involved with such a décor is representative of the class that is aimed to be projected in the bedroom and the house overall.

Why Decorate Bedrooms
Bedrooms are sought to be decorated because they act as resting spots for the occupants. It is the most private area and is a place where people can turn to whenever they need some time for themselves. This is one of the reasons why a great majority would like to spend a great deal of money on decorating the interior of the bedroom. The Victorian designs of the bedroom are very common and follow almost the same steps as the rest of the decorated areas. These fundamentals of the décor include:

• Foundation elements: The walls of the Victorian bedroom mostly comprise of floral patterns and motifs. However, the Victorian designs are largely comprised of red as the dominant color; it is accompanied by white and brown colors which support the overall look of the Victorian designs. The red color can be used to paint the walls and the ceilings of the room can be painted in white. The flooring can follow the parquet flooring which will give it a good look.

• Getting the right furniture: furniture plays an important role in depicting the theme of the place and if you’re looking for Victorian furniture, you can expect to have carved and wooden furniture that is huge in size. The bed, for example, is preferred to be king in size and should have a wooden frame that encompasses it. You can also pick a good piece of armoire that is made out of mahogany. To add to this, you can put a pair of bed tablesnext to the bed in order to accelerate the royal feeling.

• Decorating it out: décor should be furnished all along the house and not be confined merely to a single bedroom. To achieve this end, you can place small pieces of antique decorations all around the house in order to add to the antique and Victorian feeling.

Additionally, you can also have small bottles of perfumes placed around the house, paintings from the Victorian era, sculpture pottery and things of the same genre. The overall look of the house would seem to be more Victorian with every new bit of décor that you add.

Therefore, making your bedroom and house royal and Victorian isn’t very difficult- you just need to be mindful of the kind of decorations you put in place and the kind of furniture you use and you should be good to go. Make sure you include some flowers that your spouse likes, just to add to the romantic flavor to your Victorian bedroom .

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