Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

No matter how much you may love your pets, sometimes the smells that they leave behind can be hard to deal with. Okay, perhaps they can’t really help it but do you know how to get rid of that odor? Thankfully there are some very slick professional services that can do that for you. We’ve collected a few proven tips that show how they do that and added a few more besides. So if your cat or dog are starting to stink a bit, take a seat and check out this short article now.

Attack the source

In order to stop that smell from getting any worse, simply locate it and start from there. If we are dealing with solid stuff, remove it wearing gloves and be sure to use some special cleaner to deal with anything left behind. Vacuum any fur or mud and be sure to do the whole house whilst you are at it. Floors are the obvious place to start but also vacuum the furniture and cushions as they are prone to attracting this type of activity.

Old mess

If it has been a while since you last cleaned up after your pet, get hold of some enzyme cleaner and this is excellent for cat urine removal. Let it soak into the mat or carpet for around 20 minutes before using a clean cloth to blot it out with. These types of cleaners are effective at breaking down the urine-based proteins and most other types of stains that come with this type of issue.


Your carpets are next for attention and these will need a proper cleaning. Typically, this means using some type of carpet shampooing device. Ensure that you add a recommended carpet cleaning fluid to the water and leave it around 24 hours before you vacuum the carpet. You may prefer to apply a dry clean treatment, but this will not be as effect as ridding the room of pet odor.


We are not suggesting that your pet has been urinating, or worse, on your lovely furniture but they do enjoy leaving fur on your sofa and chairs. This will leave an unpleasant odor so should be attacked with warm water, a sponge and some type of detergent. If you have a leather sofa, try some bespoke cleaning agents and do your best to get rid of any stains that may be apparent. You can follow the examples of professional cleaning services if you apply the right attitude and attention to detail.

Clean pets

Sometimes the cause of the stench is simply walking around on four legs. Yes, your pet can carry a lot of smells if you aren’t keeping them clean. So, use a recommended pet shampoo and ensure that your dog takes a bath every few weeks. Obviously your cat should never get a bath but you can at least use some dry shampoo and a brush whenever you feel the need.

Follow these tips as recommended by professional cleaning services and your home and pet will certainly smell a lot nicer in future.

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