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At one time or another, the majority of homeowners have experienced the horror of clogged drainage pipes. Whether alerted by the smell or erratic water delivery, understanding the problem and whom to call is critical. Backed-up sewage is a health hazard for both humans and animals, and needs to be addressed quickly to minimise the danger. Knowing the piping system inside the home and how clogs happen is helpful during this time of crisis.

Why All the Pipes

A network of ventilation pipes runs through the roof of every home to ensure sewer gases are not trapped inside. These ventilation tubes are connected to drain pipes, which carry waste away from the home into a septic tank. The waste is then held in the septic tank to be decomposed by bacteria before moving to a leach or drainage field. An underground network of perforated pipes, the drainage field, removes leftover impurities from the waste. The remaining scum is transported to engineered facilities for further filtering to complete the biological waste recycling process.

How Clogs Happen

Food products, dental floss, grease, human hair, soap, and tree roots can quickly clog drain pipes and prevent them from operating properly. When this happens, water no longer runs correctly through faucets, the smell becomes unbearable, and waste backs up into the yard. Experienced drain pipe cleaners are recommended for addressing drain and sewer clearance in Oxfordshire. Clogged drain pipes are a health hazard and expensive to replace if damaged by amateur attempts.

Fix It Now

There are many tools available to address clogs in drainage pipes, ranging from chemical liquids poured down sink drains to plungers for backed-up toilets. Many smaller drain clogs are treated with these tools. For larger and more complex clogs, professional high-pressure jetting is recommended. A high-pressure jetter is composed of metres-long lines pushing concentrated hydraulic force to flush out clogs and debris from drainage pipes.

Identifying a reliable specialist is critical to ensure pipes are properly cleaned and maintained. Requesting quotes and investigating personalised services offered, such as an emergency option for issues outside of regular business hours, are good ways to narrow down the search. Knowing that a specialist is available at any time reduces the health hazards and limits costs associated with clogged drain pipes.

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