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If you want to enjoy a spa-type environment in your backyard, then adding a hot tub to the pool area is a good move to make. A hot tub is both a relaxing and healthful installation. Not only do hot tubs relieve joint and muscular pains, they are also known for their de-stressing benefits.

Enjoy a Resort Environment at Home

When you combine a hot tub with an outdoor in-ground pool, you can enjoy aquatic activities year-round. Whilst you can enjoy your pool during the summer months, you can luxuriate in the hot tub during the winter time. As a result, you can take full advantage of both your pool and tub throughout the year. Plus, you do not have to leave your home to enjoy a resort and spa type of environment.

How about a Telescopic Enclosure?

During the summer time, make your in-ground pool a gathering site for family and friends. You might think about adding a pool enclosure too. An enclosure can be customised for your outside hot tub as well. One of the best ways to transform the outdoors into the indoors is by selecting a telescopic type of enclosure. That way, you can meet with any climate demands at a moment’s notice.

A great addition to any pool area, a telescopic enclosure can accommodate most sizes and shapes of pools and can be customised to your site. You can also choose from sliding or hinged doors. If you want to increase the strength of the glass, you can opt for an upgrade in the material. Pool or hot tub enclosures can also be designed with heating systems and can be configured in lean-to or freestanding styles. Choose from removable or motorised designs. If you want to add privacy to the enclosure, include glazed or opaque panels.

Enjoy Your Pool and Hot Tub Any Time

So, if you want to enjoy both your pool and hot tub installation in Surrey throughout the seasons, you may want to consider an enclosure. Naturally, how you proceed with the upgrade will depend on the amount of space available and your overall budget.

Or, if you like to entertain and want to build a pool, you may also think about adding a movable pool floor. That way, your pool area can also be used for another purpose, such as entertaining or even playing tennis. The use of a movable floor makes it possible for you to effortlessly transform an indoor or outdoor pool space into another type of area. Select a pool with variable depths – one that offers you the flexibility to dive or merely splash around and swim. Then cover the pool when it is not in use, so you can use the area for another activity.

A hydrofloor is the best way to optimise a pool and hot tub area. Whilst some people opt to preserve their pool with a cover, you can preserve your pool and transform your space at the same time. Whatever you choose in a pool or spa upgrade, you will find that this type of home improvement is one that offers lasting benefits.

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