Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Be it your home or any other place, if the water is not safe and pure enough to drink, it is definitely a problem. Water is our basic need, but every day because of drinking impure water, many people are dying because of the diseases. So, we all should now think of making water safe for us. And that is possible only when we will take some necessary steps to make it pure, by using RO Purifier or drinking RO + UV filtered water. The good thing is that now you can install RO Purifier at your home and commercially also because of the varieties.

Domestic Vs Commercial RO Purifier

When we talk about the Domestic and Commercial RO water purifier, there are some differences. The domestic RO Water Purifier helps you in providing clean drinking water at your home. Whereas the commercial water purifier helps in providing a large amount of clean water for commercial use. The domestic water purifier comes in small size while the commercial purifiers are comparatively larger in size. And the difference in their size is because of the quantity of water they filter. Also, commercial water purifiers are costlier than the domestic water purifiers. Where domestic water purifiers come with the storage of 7 liters or 10 liters or 12 liters of water. The commercial water purifier comes with the storage of 25 liters or 50 liters of water. The life of commercial water purifiers is more in comparison to the domestic water purifiers.

Commercial Water Purifier Functions

You all have already read above about the Commercial Water Purifier. You all should also know that the Commercial RO system works same as the domestic one. It also has the semi-permeable membrane that filters the impurities which are present in the water in the form of chemicals, salts, and other substances. A commercial water purifier functions very fast as it can provide around 100 liters of pure water in an hour. All the bottled water, the mineral water bottle or the packaged water, is made through the same process.

From where to buy?

When it comes to buying any water purifier, you should definitely check a few things. Buy the RO Water Purifiers as per your need, which means according to your family’s need. They come in different sizes according to quantities of water they can store, so look at what fulfils your requirement. Now, whether you want RO based water purifier only or you want RO + UV or you want UV UF technology water purifier, do check these. Also, if they provide installation and uninstallation services, it is really good. Do check whether they have customer centers or repair centers or not. After looking at all these facts then only go for buying one.

Cost of Water Purifier

Be it a domestic one or a commercial one, the cost of water purifier varies. Just like a normal RO Water Purifier may cost you less than the one which has UV along with the RO. The price varies as per the size of the purifier also. And it varies from company to company also from where you are buying the water purifier. So, one cannot exactly say how much a water purifier will cost you.

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