Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Are you planning to sell your house? If so, please check its worthiness in the current market before giving sales advertisements. It is necessary to check the current price of the property in the market so as to make sure you are going to sell it above the market price. Pricing in the housing market fluctuates all the time so it is not advisable to sell it without checking its present value. You should know the worthiness of your property and the profit you get from the deal.

The price of a property not only depends on its age, but also on its maintenance and location.  Awareness on the housing property market is essential to make your house a highly worthy one. House Valuation Melbourne is carried out by professional valuers. When some vaulers compare the prices of properties in the neighbouring regions to put a selling price, certain others check the condition of the house as well as selling price of similar properties in the location to finalize a value. Houses that get good comments from Melbourne Property Valuers always have high demand in the market. If you want to maximize your returns on the property then should adopt ways to enhance its value.

Most of the people buy house only once in their life time. So they will check each nook and corner of the house before buying it. Some of the factors that affect the pricing of the property include age, facilities, location, construction of the building, quality of materials, design, transportation facilities, quality of living standard and amenities available in the surrounding.

Age of the house is a critical factor and is directly related with the pricing. The higher the age, the lower the price is the normal notion.  But there are exceptions. Like the wine, there are houses whose value increases with age. There are people who are interested in buying houses with primordial designs and architecture. The structure, designs and the materials used for building such houses will always have a fresh look and this increases its face value.

Another factor that improves the value of a house is the facilities. Those who are planning to divest their property can improve the value of the property by adding facilities. A good designer can help in integrating facilities in a creative way. If the rooms are small then extend it and make it look like more spacious. Then add cup boards, showcases and hanger facilities where ever possible.

If your house is in a prime location then it will have more advantages.  People like to buy houses in good locations. If the house is in a good housing colony which is close to markets, shopping centres, public transportation hub etc. then you can ask a good price for it. Still you are not able to decide how to improve the value of your house then conduct a property valuation. The valuation report will tell you the present condition of your house and the pricing in the location. Check it and do needful.

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