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People have been building their floors and decks using hardwood for hundreds of years. However, wood is prone to mould and decay, thus, it lacks durability. Additionally, genuine hardwood boards are pricey to purchase and set up. 

Nowadays, more people are opting for a more pocket-friendly, long-lasting alternative that requires minimal maintenance namely, composite decking boards. Although composite boards are mostly used for flooring applications, they can also be used in other ways around the house. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can use composite deck boards from Deckorum in your living spaces. 

Fit Around the Pool Deck

If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, you should consider incorporating composite decking. Composite deck boards are perfect for using around a pool area because they are resistant to warping, splinters, slipping. 

Most other materials fade with constant use and exposure to weather elements and the sun. But that’s not the case when it comes to composite. Authentic composite from Deckorum is bound to leave your swimming pool region looking catchy and new for a long time. 

Additionally, composite decking doesn’t need much maintenance, saving you plenty of time and financial resources. 

Make a Hot Tub Deck

Do you want a rustic feel for the area around your hot tub? You should consider installing a composite deck. Different from wood, composite material not only looks great, but it also prevents water infiltration. Therefore, it will not rot or harbour mould. 


Most if not all types of composite decking boards are ideal for ground contact. You can use a composite decking pathway to connect outdoor areas or prevent dirty shoes from stepping on your beautiful garden. You can construct the path using leftover composite material from your house’s deck. 

Create Stunning Planter Boxes

Using a few boards of composite, you can create durable planter boxes for a home garden. Different from wood, composite material is free of toxins and will not decay when it gets wet. That makes it a perfect option for flowers, food produce and decorations. If it’s not possible for you to construct one, you can look for ready-made, pretty composite planter boxes. 

Build a Birdhouse and Feeder

If you love birds, you can construct a birdhouse and feeder using your remaining composite decking boards. That way, you will be able to attract the stunning birds to your residence. If making crafts is not your thing, you can buy a ready-built birdhouse.  

Fit on your House’s Cladding and Siding

An equally creative way to us composite decking boards is in your building’s cladding and siding. Cladding and siding make life easier in houses facing water infiltration issues. Moreover, help to enhance a building’s overall appearance. Yes, Rocks and pebble tiles are other popular materials for cladding and siding, but composite has more cost-effectiveness. 

Trash Bin Enclosure

You can make an enclosure for trash bins with leftover composite deck boards. That’s because the boards can withstand surrounding elements and washing them down is not difficult if they get dirty. 

Bench Seating

Construct a bench using high quality composite decking boards. The bench will last for long and without getting splinters or warping. 

For An Improved Outdoor Area, Consult Deckorum

Composite materials are undeniably the future of constructing homes. No other building materials match up to the convenience offered by composite. Nevertheless, ensure to pick the best brand for an optimal outcome. At Deckorum, we use expert technology and techniques that make us stand out from other brands. If you’re looking for top-notch composite decking materials for flooring, pools, tubs, pathways, birdhouses, cladding, etc., Deckorum is the place to visit. 

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  1. Beautifully done, very well explained. It is amazing to see this level of simplicity on something that can seem challenging to those without decking installation experience. I would definitely recommend this dream deck it is perfect for the garden and any such outdoor space.

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