Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Your home is your castle, or so they say, but one thing for sure, your possessions are valuable in more ways than one, and with rising crime figures, burglaries are becoming more and more common. For the homeowner, it isn’t a question of whether to install a security system, as it is a necessary measure, the dilemma is what type of home security to choose. If you have recently purchased your home and have not yet thought about security, here is a brief overview of what you can expect to find.

Video Surveillance

CCTV is a very popular way to protect a property, and with carefully placed, high resolution cameras that record to a hard disk, you effectively have your perimeters monitored 24/7, and the security guard never sleeps. From a burglar’s perspective, the sight of a camera signals moving on, and with so many unprotected properties, he won’t lose any sleep over it. The average burglar is no more than an opportunist, and will watch and wait, looking for a half open rear window, or an unlocked back door, and once inside, the thief will very quickly scan the house, taking anything of value that is portable with him. If the CCTV cameras are prominently located, then you have the perfect deterrent, which is why video surveillance is so popular among home and business owners.

Wireless Security Alarms

The latest generation of burglar alarms are wireless, and with a state of the art control panel, you can create zones in the house, and only alarm certain areas of the building. The keypad has many intelligent control options, and you can operate the system remotely. An online search will reveal a list of companies that specialise in a range of hi-tech home security systems in Hampshire, and they would be more than happy to arrange a visit to your home, where the expert can assess your needs and help you to make an informed decision.

Increased Awareness

This is an effective strategy, and it doesn’t cost you anything, but a change of routine will ensure than windows and doors are not left unlocked. If you look at things from a burglar’s perspective, he is not going to tackle any property that is protected, for obvious reasons, but he will spend his time moving around, looking for the right opportunity. Get into the habit of running a pre-leaving the house checklist, which involves making sure all the windows, including upstairs, are closed and locked, and with both access doors secure, you are ready to leave. Even a short trip requires following the routine, as most break ins are over within 15 minutes, and usually in broad daylight.

Home security is a must and with the latest generation of alarm and video surveillance systems, your home can be well-protected for an affordable price. There are online suppliers of top quality systems, and with their expertise, you can make an informed decision on which system is best fits your needs.

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