Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Siemens cooking appliances and ovens make cooking an enjoyable and easy experience with innovatively designed clever functions. Among all the ovens from Siemens, Siemens hm656gns1b offer a plethora of choices in cooking functions and thus it is your perfect companion in the kitchen. The range of Siemens ovens boasts amazing features such as 4D hot air, TFT colour and touch display, cool start, VarioSpeed and active cleaning for an easy cooking experience and apt baking results. The outstanding oven by Siemens is the built-in-oven featuring microwave and offering 13 heating methods. Now this product has become an indispensable part of almost every kitchen. Let us individually discuss out the merits of each feature.


The Siemens hm656gns1b has the following features:

  • It is powered by VarioSpeed which reduces the cooking time to up to 50%
  • The EcoClean plus facilitates easy cleaning of the appliance and all credit goes to the special coating for an effortless cleaning
  • You will find a user friendly TFT touch display for an easy navigation. It offers an outstanding display feature
  • If you are looking for a guaranteed success when cooking a variety of dishes, there is a CookControl Plus feature
  • The SoftMove feature permits an easy closing and opening of the oven door.
  • The design and the making of this particular product is much superior with a bar handle, the control dial, the cavity inner surface and the drop down door.
  • Other features include the clock timer, LED illumination, microwave top door, a cooling fan, smooth and enamelled oven interiors, 5 different shelf positions in the oven.

Roast dinners with ease

Hm656gns1b is best-in-the-class microwave oven by Siemens since it has HotAir Eco feature to make roasting dinners as easy as possible. Although roasting dinners are the hardest part for anyone, the HotAir Eco ensures that your meat has crispiest surface as possible. The tender meat will be underneath while the crust will be hard. By using steam and hot air, the product offers perfect results when you bake pastas or roast meats.

The feature of telescopic shelf

As the safety of your family members is important, the Siemens oven imbibes the feature of telescopic shelf. The heavy duty shelf can withstand heavy weights of the pot and also helps to prepare dishes for culinary creation. With this product, you will never have skin contact with the rack.

Rapid heating technology

With the conventional ovens you had to wait for at least 20 minutes to preheat the oven but not anymore. Here you have the ‘Rapid heat’ technology that speeds up the heating process. The oven temperature can increase at a speed which is 30% faster than what you have in the traditional ovens. After the oven is hot, it switches off to the temperature needed for cooking.

Siemens hm656gns1b is also very easy to clean and maintain. The EcoClean liners here carry microscopic ceramic spheres to help you reduce the odour. If there is any drip or bubble while cooking, it gets absorbed by the liner. The oven is sleek and stylish and has got 5 out of 5 stars in the leading eCommerce shopping sites.

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