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Home is a place where we feel relaxed after hectic working schedule and garden is a special part of the home. Since majority of us spend their lifetime income on the purchase and upkeep of their house there for it becomes vital that we should keep certain basic aspects of home and garden upkeep in our mind. Listed below are basic aspects of home and garden upkeep and Home Blogger aspects:


Home Upkeep Tips:

Home is among one of the basic necessities of most of us; therefore we should try to keep our house in right condition. The other reason is that we spend the majority of our time at our homes, therefore it becomes imperative that we should try to keep our house in proper state.

Color home with attractive shades

In order to make your home better looking you should color your home with attractive and bright colors. A house which is painted with attractive colors looks new and modern as per tips of the Home Blogger Blog.

Repair broken areas of your home

Proper repair and upkeep of the broken parts of the home is advised. The upkeep and repair of your house will not only make it look newer but it will also increase its resale value.

Try to keep the home neat and clean

Arrange proper cleanliness of your home so as to keep it neat and clean. For this task you can hire the services of a homemade.


Garden Upkeep Tips:

The garden is very much a useful part of our house, after long hectic work routine we rest in our garden and relax our senses. The presence of the garden offer greenery to the house and leave a good impression on the onlookers. The fact also remains that presence of garden in the house increases house’s resale value.

Arrange proper water supply to garden

In order to keep your garden attractive and good looking you should try to arrange proper water supply to the plants grown in the garden. The reason behind it is that the plants require a proper water supply for their growth and development.If we have good irrigation system then we can grow more plants with new technique Landscaper West Linn, Oregon.

Cut down garden plants properly

When we cut down the garden plants in proper shape and size they look nice. Thus one should cut down their garden plants in a proper manner. Hiring the services of a trained gardener is the right alternative available.

Use natural fertilizers

It is proven by researchers that when we use natural fertilizers for our garden plants they grow at faster speed. But one should avoid using chemical fertilizers for their garden plants as they have long term negative effects associated with their long term use.

Arrange proper sunlight

It is fact that the plants require proper sunlight for their proper growth and development. The plants make their food or energy with the help of a boil-chemical process known as photosynthesis. In this process the plants require water and sunlight. Thus in case proper sunlight is not made available to the plants their growth and development gets retarded. Thus we should try to make ensure proper sunlight to our garden plants as per the Home and Garden Blogger tips.

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