Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

These days the marketplace for home safes is so competitive that it is much easier than in the past to purchase and have installed a home safe. Many people derive a sense of security from owning a home safe. But is a home safe really safe?

Why own a safe?

This is a good question for anyone questioning whether a home safe will in fact be safe. What prompted consideration of buying and installing a home safe? Was it at the insistence of an insurance company? Or to get better insurance premiums and coverage? Or perhaps it was a bad experience, even burglary, in the past that prompted the thought. Whatever the reason it is always a good starting point to ask why a safe is needed.

Why not have a safe?

This is as good a question as why have one at all. Having a safe can’t do any harm, can it? Or can it? What does a safe say about someone? Most would think it suggests the owner is wealthy and has valuable things to keep in a safe. This is fine with trusted family and friends; but what if word leaks out and reaches the ears of the criminal? Does not the mere fact of owning a safe suggest there has to be something worth stealing inside it?

Safer or not?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that things kept in a safe will be safer than if they are not. It should be the case – but we don’t live in an ideal world. No safe is completely burglar-proof. A small safe can be removed fairly easily by the dedicated and experienced thief. And insurance companies may suggest a safe or reduce premiums because one is installed, but it is always worth checking with them what would happen if the safe is stolen or broken into – is the owner covered for the full amount? The issue of fireproof safes unfortunately throws up similar issues and not everything is safe in a fireproof safe, even ‘though the safe itself may resist destruction. Electronic devices such as hard drives and other data storage devices are not safe during fire even in a fireproof safe.

What to do?

Choosing whether to install a safe or not is ultimately going to be down to individual choice. What can help is getting advice from insurance companies, police and specialists in safe sales and installation such as Secure Safe

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