Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The motto of the panic button is to let an employee under duress make a quick but silent call to have help during an emergency. It does not matter in what business you are in panic alarms are worthy to install whether it is customer service, restaurant, security station, interview room, or shipping areas. Most of you might be aware of common things about the panic button. But today we are going to draw your attention to unique secrets and aspects related to this high in-demand tool. Let’s check it out:-

  • Future-oriented panic button
    The highly advanced version of the panic button is on the way. Your security personnel will not only get notified but would be having a live video stream following real-time. The auto-capture feature of a panic button will make you able to use that video as evidence to put your side during a legal case or investigation. Because of the real-time video capturing feature, it becomes easy to mitigate the chance of false alarms. Moreover, it would be loaded with self-testing features to let administrators know in case communication relays do not function.
  • Two estate button to respond differently
    The fact cannot be circumvented that different responses are required to tackle different sorts of situations. To put it in simple words, a drunken person approaches the lobby and leads to a different threat in comparison to an armed person. But still, employees require help though it is not that huge an emergency. Here, the “Two-State” panic button goes quite ideal with the situation. It can easily be programmed to run two types of signals to ensure safety. Two-State is worthy since it goes to raises an alarm when it is a true emergency and when you just simply need help instead of any emergency response.
  • Team alert: A new panic button type
    Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to choosing the workplace panic button. TeamAlert is one of the high in-demand types of panic buttons regarded as ideal for government, non-profit, and business. This cloud-oriented software is quite affordable and can be set up in no time of just 3 minutes because of being PC-oriented. It gets easily connected with any of these smartphones, PC, or any other hardware devices to make an alert. Right after the alert rises, you are allowed to have communication with everyone following a private communication channel. It has become quite popular because of its amazing factors. If you want help fast at a lost cost solution, it is a perfect option to choose
  • A boon for HR offices or nurse’s stations: Wi-Fi panic button
    Prominent places such as a receptionist desk, nurse’s stations, or HR offices, etc., are prone to violence occurs. Therefore, employees are at high risk to be exposed to unexpected violence. Wi-Fi panic buttons can truly ensure their safety. They would be able to call for help quite fast too without letting anyone know their surroundings. The Wi-Fi panic button also makes getting in contact with the authorities quite easier. This probably would not be possible if you go with a traditional 911 call.

Safety measures in any business must not be overlooked. A panic button is a need to ensure the safety of workers/ employees. And the above shared unique factors of panic button claim wisely that why they need to install.