Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

If you are thinking about having a fire installed, there are 3 basic fuel choices, which are gas, electric, or a wood burning stove, and while some homeowners prefer to go electric, the majority opt for gas. Natural gas has a national network in the UK, and this makes it both accessible and affordable, and with lower running costs, from an economical perspective, gas comes out ahead of an electric fire, and here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to have with a gas fire.

  1. Clean and Convenient – There is no cleaner and more efficient way to heat your home than natural gas, and modern gas fires emit no smoke and are vented, which negates the need for a chimney, although if you have one, it can be used as a flue. There are no ashes to remove, and no one likes to bring in buckets of coal in from the cold outside in order to stay warm. If, for example, you were looking for an affordable gas fireplace in Yorkshire, there is one particular company that specialises in supplying quality gas units and creating stylish surrounds.
  1. Cost Effective Heating – Electric fires have made progress regarding running costs, but gas has always been a cheaper alternative, and with everyone trying to keep costs down, gas is the obvious choice. Timers allow you to have the heating kick in before you wake up and with a gas fire, you are not heating the entire home, which is mainly unnecessary. The central heating can be turned right down, as the family spend their time in the living room, and this will result in much lower winter bills.
  1. Real Flame Fire – Gas fires are attractively designed and with real flame, you have that radiating warmth that only a flame fire can provide. Coupled with an attractive faux bed of glowing logs, stones, or rocks, the cosy ambience a gas fire brings is something that most people prefer. One has the ability to control the flames, and during those cold winter evenings, you and your family will have a stylish fireplace.
  1. Safety – The modern gas fire is built to very rigid safety standards, and with a qualified technician, all connections will be in line with local authority regulations. All gas fireplaces have glass doors, which are made from special toughened safety glass, and the ignition process ensures safe use. The gaskets in the door create an effective seal, which means the fire is not drawing heat from the room, and with air drawn in from the exterior, the room remains warm. Modern gas appliances come with long warranties, and with regular servicing, the gas fire will give you and your family many years of trouble free service.

If you would like to explore the many possibilities that a gas fireplace can bring to your living room, an online search will bring up a list of suppliers, and with a little browsing, you should be able to locate a suitable company to quote for the project.

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