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Being a construction professional, you are well aware of the fact that matching the tool to the task is important for success. In any development project, the feasibility study and the master plan play a great role in property marketing. These tools are great for both designs and sales. They provide customers with a substantial value at the same time.

Though developers use these two terms interchangeably, there is a difference between feasibility study and master plan. A feasibility study is always meant for a work that will occur at once, but there is no certainty if the work will be complete. Whereas a master plan is concerned, it is meant for a multi-year and bigger budget project that may have more possible construction phases. Therefore, a master plan is always important to carry out an architectural project.
The benefits of a master plan

A master plan is of great use when it comes to developing a large architectural firm. You can use it for creating an extensive and long overview of your proposed architectural project. For example, if a campus of buildings takes a number of years to be developed, a master plan of the said project will be of great help.
If a client wants to buy a portion of that large project, you can offer him/her an outline of your proposed project. This will help him/her to select a portion that best suits his/her needs.

On the other hand, if that client wants to make changes to his/her property throughout a number of years; you can show him/her a master plan and make changes to that property according to his/her preference. With the master plan, your client can visualise the finished work prior to its completion. It also helps to determine how the construction work will be proceeding. You can also ensure that every component of the design works with the others.

This will lessen the amount of work that needs to be undone later. An upgrade to the structure such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing are necessary for any project and these upgrades are done basically after the project is completed. However, a master plan enables to complete these upgrades earlier in construction.

The master plan of your project also helps you create a feasible interior and exterior that will complement with each other. A surrounding can also be done using this plan. In one word, it works wonders for your proposed project.

From the perspective of clients, it involves two advantages. It helps them to build a good relationship with the architect or developer and helps them view the plan sitting at their home.

These days, this type of master plan is created with the help of AutoCAD; therefore, it is easier to represent it to your potential clients. On the other hand, a master plan can be created for the web, PC, and other high definition technology. Therefore, if need be, it can be represented to any clients anywhere at any moment. This type of 3D master plan is important to boost your construction business. In order to create a 3D master plan, you can hire a skilled 3D artist or a firm.

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