Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Kitchen was hidden in the back of the house decades ago and time has taken a long leap from then. Kitchens are now being designed with utmost precision by the designers as this is the current frenzy among homeowners. Back in time, kitchen was the place where meals were prepared so apart from maintaining the basic hygiene, it was left to look shabby.

Why would you go for custom kitchen?

The basic agenda of customizing a kitchen is to make it worth the people’s stare. The old ideas are being eased out and replaced with new state-of-the art designs that border on sophistication. Well, it solely depends on the preference of the homeowner as to how he will want his kitchen to be decorated, whether it will be an old-school design or a modern one. The designers meditate upon the requisites and strategize their action accordingly.

The smart kitchens:

The modern designers are rallying for technology to enter the kitchens. There are fancy gadgets and appliances they are introducing to the kitchens. Technology is involved into every function of the kitchen ranging from the faucets to the fridge and lighting. The kitchen that is inundated with technology is called a smart kitchen and it is having a huge moment in Kitchen designs.

In the smart kitchens, easy add-ons that are usually sense-equipped and one-touch are being installed. Amazingly, there are refrigerators that can raise an alarm when you are running low on groceries and coffee makers conditioned to have your coffee prepared when you wake up. To make the small kitchens look roomy and spacious you can try out the light-colored wallpapers, fruity colors, pastings and designs that will make the kitchen space in a one-room or two room flat look bigger.

Dark colors are being introduced in the kitchens:

When it comes to kitchen designs, we have always sworn by whites, but they are slowly leaving the scene and dark colors are taking the charge. The mixing of finishes creates a needed accent piece and the eye-catching colors make the kitchen designs look revolutionary. In the milieu of dark colors, there are the ones like Plum, Navy and Emerald Green to give the kitchens a luxurious feel.

The designs, materials and structures are being streamlined:

The styles that are borrowed from the mid-centuries are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners have no calms nowadays in taking cue from the old school designs. There is no denying that simplicity lies in everything old-school. The run-of-the-mill idea of having hanging cabinets is being given cold shoulder while kitchens are being given more breathing space by making them larger. The hanging cabinets were customary in the old kitchen designs, but they had their downsides too. Most people could not reach out the bottles kept at the top shelves. Hence, the quirky keepsakes are being introduced in the modern kitchen designs to make it look more spacious.

Quartz still makes sense:

In the cutting-edge kitchen countertops, quartz still rules the roost. Quartz is the material that is extremely durable, strong and is a cakewalk to maintain.  Designers were primarily anxious that Quartz countertops won’t offer as many varieties in terms of colors and finishes when it was incepted. Soon after, the high-tech designs covered the markets compelling the designers to go back on their opinion. Nowadays, for space crunch, people are opting for wall-cabinets, wall-hanging lights and even outdoor, ready-to assemble and even outdoor kitchen areas to contribute to their overall lifestyle. You can now also find the overall package and quotation given by several cabinet makers and painters who can work to make your kitchen longer lasting and beautiful. This will also give you an overall better resale value for your home.

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