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Replacing a drive can be very expensive, which is why most homeowners don’t normally have it done. However, a driveway that is full of cracks and holes looks unsightly and does not provide good curb appeal. Fortunately, there are many ways to make the drive look better without spending the money to repave it.

Repairing a Drive

The techniques used for making a driveway look better will depend on the material from which it’s made. If the drive is paved with bricks and/or pavers, they can be individually replaced or sections of the drive can be removed and replaced. Repairing a paved drive is much easier than a concrete one because a concrete driveway is done in slabs.

If there are cracks or holes in a concrete drive, then they can and should be patched. Patching and sealing cracks keeps them from widening as the ground freezes and thaws throughout the year. If they are ignored, soon you will have deeper and wider cracks or holes in the concrete. Your drive will not only look terrible but your car tyres can be damaged and you could accidentally trip if you don’t see the uneven concrete.

Concrete Drive Repairs

If there are only minor cracks in the surface of your concrete drive, then you can purchase a sealant to cover and seal them. This will keep them from becoming worse, though you may have black or silver spots on the drive. Another way to repair your drive without replacing it is to resurface it.

A company that specialises in concrete drive repair can put a concrete overlay on top of the damaged drive. Before applying the overlay, the company will remove any loose concrete and repair the cracks so the overlay can adhere to the existing driveway. Along with covering the old drive, you can change its look by choosing an overlay in a different colour or in a pattern.


Sometimes the concrete slabs of a drive will sink in some spots because of soil erosion or subgrade that wasn’t compacted correctly. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the expense of removing the old slab, fixing the foundation, and then pouring new slabs. Instead, slabjacking allows the slab to be put back into its original position by pumping sand, cement, ash, and other additives beneath its surface.

Restoring Paved Drives

The easiest way to restore the look of a paved drive is for a company to do a driveway clean and seal in Newcastle. Cleaning the pavers or bricks of the drive will remove oil, moss, weeds, and other surface stains and bring back the original colours. Then, after it has been cleaned and dried, the drive can be sealed to protect it from wear and tear and keep it looking great.

Making repairs to your driveway, whether it is concrete or paved, will make the entire property look better. By patching up the cracks and holes and cleaning the drive, you will give it new life and help it last longer.

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