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When building or renovating a home, deciding which kind of roof you want and which one will be more beneficial for the construction is important. The flat roofing Surrey provides various services like construction of the flat roofs, rebuilding or renovation of the flat roofs etc. These roofs are helpful in keeping the buildings dry and it is a boon for the people in Surrey as most of the time, the climate is moist. But the rainwater cannot be shed through these kinds of roofs like in the pitched or low-pitched roofs but the rooms and the whole building can be kept dry by other means of the flat roofs.

Flat roofs come in three varieties as well. You can either build a

Built-up roofs: This roof is the traditional roofs made of tar and the gravels which are mainly used for the commercial constructions. The basic layers of these roofs are the tar with stones so that no water can pass through them. The advantages of these roofs are- they can save a lot of money as they are cheaper than the other two types of flat roofs. The roofs look attractive as well and it can give your home a great look. The most important factor which most of the people couldn’t understand about these roofs is they can retard fire in an accidental case of fire or burn. The gravels and the stones which form the upper layer of the roof can easily retard fire and works excellent for the matter of fact in case of fire which is really very important for a home or any commercial building.

There are certain drawbacks of the roofs as well and that is these roofs are really very heavy and the requirement of the structural reconstruction or reinforcement might be there before building these roofs. If the weight of the roof is heavier then the building walls and the pillars might not be able to carry the same and there might be a massacre. So, it is really important to understand the weight factor and then building these roofs. The installation process can be very messy and there might be the smell of the materials which will take time to go away. If there is any leak then finding the same would be a difficulty and the last issue with these roofs are gravels and the stones running down with rains and blocking drainage systems of the roof and home or the building.

Bitumen Roofs (Modified): These roofs have benefits like moderate pricing; the electricity consumption can be reduced by using this type as they reflect lights through their mineral coating. The weights of the building not required to be altered as these kinds of roofs are lighter. But there can be hazards of fire during the installation.

Membrane roofing: These are at present the best one in the market in terms of protection, resistance, and installation process.

While choosing the flat roofing Surrey, make sure you choose the one according to your requirement and budget and keeping in mind the benefits and the drawbacks of each.

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