Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

As the old saying goes — nothing beats a classic, and they never go out of style. The same is true for wooden shutters, and while shutters and other forms and fashions of furniture and decor fade, there is simply something classy about a beautiful set of wood blinds that complements any home.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering if they are the perfect choice for your home decor. While wooden shutters are no doubt stunning and sophisticated, if they do not complement your existing room decoration, then that would be at the point of having them in the first place. 

In this article, we will go over a few factors that you would want to consider before investing in wooden shutters. Only then can you be sure that it’s a good investment for your home.

Factors to consider when shopping for wooden shutters

Perhaps the first thing you would want to think about before spending any amount of money on wooden shutters is the environment. If you reside in a damp and humid place, you may wish to reconsider wooden blinds to Alfresco or anything of the sort. Keep in mind that such conditions will ruin them within a short period.

Once you have determined that wooden shutters would go well with both your environment and your room design, the next concern is what kind of blinds to get. You will find no shortage of options in this regard which include the following:

  • Wooden Venetian blinds
  • Plantation shutters
  • Wooden vertical blinds
  • Wooden roller blinds
  • Roman Blinds

Choosing the right design of wooden blinds 

As far as what design of blinds chooses your room decoration, that would depend on your taste and individual preference. Unlike say, 

aluminium exterior plantation shutters, there is a tonne of design options available to match just about any home or decor. The important thing is to ensure that the colour of your wooden shutters matches the current furnishings of your home. In most cases, monotone blinds do not go well or look great with lovely wooden furniture of a different shade or stain. Obviously, you might always paint the wooden shutters, but there is a case to be made that the natural look of the wood, whether it’s a lighter brown or darker brown, is a lot classier than sticking paint on it. 

If you want to make sure that your wooden blinds are a perfect fit for your home, the best thing to do is opt for a customized set. That way, you’ll get precisely the design and stain that you want. 

Of course, you can always purchase your blinds in a shop or online. After all, you can always return them if it’s the wrong size or stain. That said, you would want to scrutinize your needs before finalizing a purchase. That way, you can avoid the delay and hassle of returns or having to undertake a DIY solution, such as repainting your blinds to match your home.

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