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If you notice water stains on either the wall or floor; that could be an indication of a drainage problem in your home.  If not taken care of as soon as possible, the issue can transform into a serious problem in the future. The repair bills can also go up if you leave the problem to become bigger. Whether your home is connected to the local sewer system or you use a domestic septic tank, you should have the issue checked by a professional sewer line repair personnel. The expert is able to solve the problem exhaustively thereby negating the needs for future repair.

Causes of sewer line problems

The main root cause of sewer line problems lie with the blockage on the system. Many home owners only acknowledge that there is a problem with their drainage system once they notice water draining too slowly. Unfortunately, most of these people resort to pouring either hot water or corrosive chemicals into the sewer in a bid to clear the blockage. However, that does not work and as a result, they end up exacerbating the situation. There are older pipes made of clay and if put drain cleaners in them, they are likely to be corroding away.

Trees are also a problem for your drainage. This is because, tree roots grow towards sources of water and when they get to your drainage pipes they can cause serious problems. Such pipes have to be entirely removed and replaced. On the other hand, the pipes could have deformed due to a shifting position as soil moves from its original position. In such an instance, pipes may bend or crack causing drain water to get trapped in the pipe.

Actions to be taken

If you notice drain problem in your home, the first thing that should come to your mind is calling a professional sewer line repair service so that they can rectify the problem. Luckily, professional plumbers have both the skills and equipment to complete the job effectively. In fact, they will complete the job on the same day. Through their expertise, the professionals will open up inspection holes before determining where the problems with the drainage systems lay. However, if your drainage system has not been properly maintained in the past, the process of repair may include digging up pipes around your home.

Types of sewer line repairs

The type of sewer line repair largely depends on the extent of the problem. In case of a small crack that exists only on the drainage pipe, the plumber can use a sealant such as epoxy to fill the crack. If the crack cannot be sealed off, plumbers replace the affected pipe. Since this type of problem affects a small area, the process can take just a day to complete.

It is however imperative to note that, repair of pipes leading to septic tank can be labor intensive. The process can include complete removal of the pipes thereby increasing the amount of labor.

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