Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

If you are thinking about having sash windows in Edinburgh fitted then you need to ensure you choose the right type and choose a good company. There are many types of sash windows in Edinburgh. You only need to look at the variety of properties around to see just how diverse the architecture is in the city and the windows in these buildings are just as diverse.

When considering sash windows in Edinburgh, always go for traditional weights and cords instead of springs. These will ensure the sashes are correctly counter balanced. However, there are some sash windows that leave you no option but to have springs and your window company will give you all the advice you need in this area.

If you are choosing double glazed sash windows in Edinburgh you should insist that the fitters do not use putty. A specialist timber beading is best to use alongside premium quality silicone designed especially for glazing. You should also ask about draught exclusion and what provisions are being made for your sash windows. The last thing you want is cold chills coming through gaps in the frames. It’s essential that you ask this question before the windows are fitted as draught excluders are harder to fit once your sash windows Edinburgh have been installed.

You should also ask about the ironmongery being supplied with your windows. Ask whether the price includes these items or you need to factor this in separately. You should also ask whether the price you are quoted for your sash windows in Edinburgh includes any restoration of plaster that is damaged before or during the fitting of your windows. Some companies include this in their price and others don’t so it’s a good idea to ask this questions right at the start.

Once your sash windows in Edinburgh have been fitted, make sure you are completely happy with the results before parting with any cash. Ask about any snagging that might still need to be done and hold back the final payment until you are completely happy with the results and the finish.

If you already have sash windows in Edinburgh and are thinking of having these replaced, think about what you are going to use to replace them with. Would timber work well or do you want to opt for UPVC instead? It depends greatly on the age and style of your home and whether you really want timber replicas of traditional sash windows.

Maintenance is another aspect you might want to ask about. Timber sash windows in Edinburgh may require a little more maintenance than UPVC and it’s good to know how to keep your windows in the best condition and how much commitment they need from you. Your sash windows Edinburgh Company will be able to give you all the information you need along with a cost effective estimate to consider at your leisure.

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