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Most business have adopted the use of Patio Awnings for their buildings. Is this just a structural development or does the use of an awning have a commercial influence? This article discusses why commercial awnings are a thing and why you, as a business owner could want to implement the use of awnings at your workplace. 

An awning provides additional shelter for your building and the structure in it. Commercial awnings attached to buildings provide these buildings protection against external elements. This is because awnings adjoin the building through the building walls. Most awnings are customizable, making them very attractive business-wise. 

How Are Commercial Awnings Made?

These awnings basically consist of two part; the awning frame, and the commercial awning fabric. 

The frame of an awning is constructed with iron, steel or aluminum. As a result, there are a lot of commercial metal awnings that are on the market. The frame of a typical awning is built with these metals in order to provide strength and support. Metal commercial awnings have solar panels fitted into the structure. The metal used in the construction of the awning provides protection for this energy providing devices. 

Commercial awnings sometimes are tension fabric awnings. This is determined by the type of fabric draped over the frame. A typical awning fabric is stretched over the metal frame. This is done to allow the filtration of sunlight into the solar panels. Although stretched tightly, these tension fabrics do not fail to serve their functions. Awning fabrics are waterproof. 

The ability of this fabric to resist water is optimal. They are designed to repel water molecules and keep their space dry. Also, awning fabrics can turn awnings into a commercial sunshades. There are different fabrics that offer protection from the sun and serve as a form of shade while allowing the solar panels access to sunlight. 

Commercial Awnings Near Me

A lot of people who are interested in the installation of awnings don’t know which type or model to obtain. In this section of the article, the various types of commercial awnings that can be easily accessed and obtained are discussed. 

One of the most popular type of awning is the aluminum awning. This is because of its impressive functionality and the fact that it can be easily purchased. The aluminum metal awning has an impressive durability and is popular with stores as its long life ensures that you can save from not buying another awning for a longer period. 

The retractable awning is designed with shaded sides. The sides of the awning are fitted with solar panels to regulate the temperature of the space covered by the awning. The appeal that a retractable awning gives is the comfort of enjoying the building’s internal temperature while being outside. Retractable awnings can be operated both manually and electrically. 

The canopy awning is installed permanently when it is used. The canopy awning is quite possibly the most durable awning type. This is one of the reasons for its permanent installment. The canopy awnings can be removed and changed though. Commercial canopies usually have fabrics that are as durable as the awning itself so, changing the fabric could be really unnecessary. 

Another type of commercial canopy is the portable canopy awning. These commercial canopies can be packed and installed easily. Unlike the canopy awning, they are mostly meant for temporary use. A typical portable canopy comprises of four posts and its fabric or covering. 

Glass awnings provides protection from the elements of weather while allowing the passage of light into the building. They don’t shade or restrict light. Often, glass awnings offer a great aesthetics and great touch to your building. 

A great commercial awning is the illuminated awning. This awning model is great for business and advertisement. It provides illumination at night and guides customers right to your place. 

Commercial Awnings Cost

The first factor that will determine the price of your awning is where you are purchasing the awning from. Are you buying an ‘off the shelf’ awning or are you obtaining the awning from specialists? 

‘Off the shelf’ awnings are cheaper because they are made in China. But the quality of these awnings is inferior compared to the quality of awnings designed by specialists. 

Additional costs will include installation, delivery, and the type of operation of the awning. An electric awning will definitely cost more than a manually operated awning. 

 As a business owner, the commercial appeal of installing an awning should be embraced and exploited.

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