Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

If you live in Australia, you will already be aware of the versatility of bamboo, and it has similar properties for flooring as that of hardwood, with both durability and elegance. A strand woven product, bamboo flooring is ideal for the harsh Australian conditions, and if laid correctly, it will provide you with many years of faithful service, and here are just a few of the benefits a bamboo floor offers.

  • Floated or Solid Installation – Bamboo flooring can be laid on an underlay or straight onto most substrate surfaces, as long as the project is handled by professionals. If you want a more solid feel underfoot, then a solid installation is preferred, but having the option makes bamboo a popular choice for the budget conscious homeowner. If you live in Western Australia, andwould like to purchase wooden flooring in Perth there is an excellent online supplier who offers quality flooring at very affordable prices.
  • Cost-Effective Flooring – When compared to a solid timber floor, bamboo is very affordable, and when you consider the durability and elegance, it really offers exceptional value for money. The factory treatments include veneers and coatings that offer similar protection to that of natural hardwood, and with an aluminium oxide hardener, the surface is extremely durable, and should last a lifetime.
  • Resurfacing – Bamboo flooring can be re-sanded many times, and it is advised to do so every ten years, ensuring you many years of dependable service, and by applying protective coatings, the flooring will remain in pristine condition.
  • Choice of Colours – Bamboo flooring comes in seven attractive colours, which gives you wide scope, and there will be a shade that matches your décor. It isn’t just the colour that makes the flooring, as the grain is also an important factor, and with factory processed bamboo, you have the very best grain effects built in.
  • Easy Installation – Modern techniques allow for non-adhesive fixing, and providing the flooring has been installed correctly, the company would issue a long warranty, possibly even a lifetime, but certainly one that covers 20 years. There is a choice of underlay, and each has a different acoustic quality and feel, and if you would prefer to have the flooring fixed directly to the substrate, this can also be done.
  • An Eco-Friendly Flooring – Bamboo grows very quickly, and therefore, the supply is guaranteed, and with renewable sources that do not affect the environment as much as hardwood trees, bamboo is a more eco-friendly flooring material. Moso bamboo is the preferred species for flooring as it has all the essential qualities, and after the factory processing when the protection is added, the finished product ticks all the boxes and for an affordable price.

When you consider all of the above, it is easy to understand why many Australian homeowners choose bamboo for their flooring, and with a sustainable supply and a high demand, bamboo looks to be a major player in the flooring industry for many years to come. If you would like to know more about bamboo residential flooring, an online search would be the best way to locate a supplier, and for what it costs, you will have the perfect flooring.

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