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There are few more significant overhauls any homeowner can plan and implement that a change of the property’s walls and doors. Shy of ripping out the roof or going for a full and frank extension, it really is about as major as it gets. Of course, a good result can be more than worth the upheaval as stunning new windows and doors can deliver a small arsenal of benefits both short and long-term in nature.

From reduced energy bills to greater home security and right through to massively upped overall property values, there’s really so much to be said for an installation of quality windows and doors. However, all of these benefits and the rest besides are wholly dependent on the very best products being installed by the very best in the business. Just as great hardware can be ruined by poor installation, lower-end windows and doors are no good to anyone even if they’re installed with supreme care and attention.

Making sure both of these boxes are ticked means making the right choice when it comes to the service provider you go with. On the surface it’s a pretty easy task – hit the web and find a fitter you can afford. However, there are so many negative elements in the mix that it’s crucial to at least ensure you don’t get stung by one of the industry’s less-capable entities.

How to avoid getting stung? The pros at Novells insist it’s pretty easy – just be on the lookout for the following and you’ll know when the time comes to walk away:

Pushy Sales Pitches

For one thing, there’s a big and important difference between promoting services and pretty much begging clients for their business. When a sales pitch gives you the idea the brand is somewhat desperate and really overselling things, this is usually a sign that their work and reputation doesn’t sell the brand quite as well as they could. So if at any time you feel as if you’re being all-but slapped around the face with all manner of pushy offers and pitches, you might want to look elsewhere.

Rushed Decisions

On a similar note, there’s nothing that screams danger more than a double glazing seller doing their utmost to get you to sign up as fast as possible. This is a genuinely major decision and one that’s bound to have an impact on the home for decades to come – it’s hardly unreasonably to expect a little time to make up your mind. When a seller seems adamant on signing you up now and makes out that it’s a ‘now or never’ kind of scenario, it’s a sure-fire sign they know you’ll find a better deal elsewhere. And you will…so go for it!

Poor Portfolio

It’s one thing for a double glazing company to decorate its website with pretty pictures of windows, but it’s another entirely for a site to proudly display its own portfolio. The very nature of the industry is such that those working in it produce tangible results of their efforts every single day. Therefore, it’s only natural to expect them to show off their proudest work by way of an online portfolio for interested newcomers to dive into and evaluate. So when and where there’s no portfolio to be found, ask yourself why this might be the case.

Rough Estimates

This is perhaps the number-one approach for dodgy dealers looking to cash in at the expense of their clients – issue rough estimates rather than concrete quotes. The thing is, once the company knows how many windows and doors there are to be installed and what kind of property they’re going in, it’s hardly a challenge for them to work out an exact price. As such, when and where all that’s offered is a rough guide to the final cost or any such quotes are communicated verbally only, you’re on a slippery slope in the direction of trouble.

Too Good to be True?

If you find a deal on windows and doors that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. There’s a standard industry average you can expect to pay on hardware and installation services, therefore if you come across someone offering the same for 75% cheaper, you might well be looking at the ‘fell off the back of a lorry’ scenario.

Generally speaking, keep in mind the above warning signs and in conjunction with strong client feedback, it’s not difficult to find yourself a double glazing installation service you can trust whole-heartedly.

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